“It was obvious that Janice tailored the coaching to our specific group. She fif her homework on our organization and made image recommendations to elevate our online and in person appearance. Janice is a consummate profrssional and I would highly recommend her coaching.”


“Janice has done a phenomenal job coaching me on my online presence. I do video training and interviews now with much more confidence. Janice has an eye for the fine details that ALWAYS take my image up a notch. when Janice speaks I listen.”


Join me,The Image Expert,
for an in-depth workshop
on how to maximize
your zoom image.

You will LEARN what it takes to give YOUR BEST online presence during Zoom meetings. This Workshop is for anyone who holds a conversation online with video. It’s easy, it’s predictable, and you will master your presence by the end of this course.

Within a second of someone seeing you on their screen they have decided how capable, competent, professional, interesting, successful and attractive you are. They instantly process whether you respect them and your time together. 70% of the brain is occupied in processing the visual. First impressions are lasting impressions and everything you have to say is shrouded in their perception of you. Even more importantly you are affected by the image you see come back on the screen.

You will gain more respect, feel more comfortable during your Zoom time and never have to worry about this again. You will have accomplished everything you need to project your very best in just an hour and a half. GUARANTEED!

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