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Image Makeovers


Dr. Kathryn Wright

"I just can’t say enough wonderful things about how powerfully Janice has impacted my life and body image. I actually enjoy shopping now - to say nothing about absolutely “glowing” from the inside out. It’s one of the first times in a long while when my first thought at looking at myself in the mirror was, 'wow….I’m beautiful.' She is a creative genius in her ability to change a person from the inside out in two days…..incredible!"


"My transformative day with Janice far exceeded my expectations! I work for a non-profit organization so it was important to me to achieve a polished professional look that would fit with my organization's culture. Janice understood my concerns, asked probing questions, and used her talents to help me achieve the exact look I needed. Janice has an eye for fashion, coordination, function and poise. I appreciated all of her helpful insights and strongly recommend her personal image consulting package. In addition to my sincere gratitude for Janice's assistance, I thoroughly enjoyed the day with her and left feeling as if I had found a new friend."

"What a gift! I loved my day with Janice! I instantly felt relaxed and like I could trust her judgement. She was detailed and remembered everything we had discussed prior to our meeting. She picked out clothes that were representative of me, actually of a better me. For anyone who struggles with finding a comfortable professional wardrobe suitable for their body her. NOW."

Leann Burch, DDS

Shelley Renee

Owner, Shelley Renee Consulting

"I had wanted to "treat myself" to Janice’s care for many years and never allowed it, even going so far as to schedule an appointment only to cancel a few weeks later. Lacking the necessary confidence and polished look that my job requires, I finally scheduled the visit. Yes, I was expecting a transformation, but never did I expect the depth of Janice’s work. Within minutes she called me out on the negative thoughts I harbored regarding my body image and self esteem. She taught me to “really see” the truth regarding all the body parts I felt were horrible and should be hidden. Gradually throughout the day she rebuilt my image in layers. Correcting first my beliefs, then onto the undergarments and finally the "frosting", clothing, hair and make-up. By the end of the day it felt like I had gone through a total body exfoliation! Old beliefs were shed along with the tired beat up look that had been my normal. Thank you Janice for revealing the potential in me. "

Mary Holevas

Cornerstones of Leadership LLC

"Janice asked if she could do a makeover on me because she wanted to make a subtle change. So much for subtle! I had a great time and everyone says I look younger and thinner. You can't go wrong with those two!"

Brandie Wilkins

Business Owner, Entrepreneur


"Janice - I wish I could take you home to Houston. I really cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me. I learned so many valuable tools about dressing for success. You have truly impacted my life. I will never be the same and I have you to thank. You are more than deserving of life’s blessings. Thank You!"

Susie Sullivan, RN

Corporate Trainer and Leadership Development Consultant

"Since returning from Scottsdale and my time with Janice, I have curiously not been referred to as “ma’am” one time….usually, I hear it several times a day. My friends and co-workers have expressed awe at my 15 year age reversal and the hotel I frequent on business travel upgraded me to a suite. Could it have been the new clothes, makeup, hair and “attitude?” Yes, it takes me a bit longer every morning and yes, I have clothes in my closet that will get donated to a worthy cause and more importantly, YES, I am a new and improved Susie and forever grateful to Janice."

Paula Shoup

Director of Strategic Sourcing
Medtronic’s CRDM Business Unit

“I had a great time working with Janice on my new Image. Her candor and sharing of expertise were wonderful and enlightening. I have received many compliments on my new look and have a great feeling of renewed confidence as I move forward with my career.”

Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA

ALD Veterinary Consulting

"As a consultant and speaker, my appearance is important to me. I knew I was no longer projecting the look I wanted; my clothes were boring and I had no real sense of style. Janice’s assistance was invaluable in helping me update my image and my wardrobe. I now know how to choose clothes and accessories that are more fashionable and contemporary. Additionally, I gained a wealth of information from Janice about which clothes will enhance my best qualities. I highly recommend Janice to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable professional to help them with their image."

Juan Castaneda


"I spent an afternoon with Janice during which I informed her about what I thought I already knew about clothing and style.  She calmly listened to my opinions on fashion and through her constructive and spot-on suggestions, I quickly realized that I was so, so wrong.  I gained a completely new vocabulary (e.g. european cut, slim fit, modern fit) as well as a completely new way of looking at my appearance and wardrobe.  I now understand more than ever that excellence in my line of work is one thing, but projecting a professional image--during and after work--is what sets one apart from the pack.  Thank you Janice!  During these turbulent economic times, you're an investment worth making!"

Rachael Maney

Office Manager and AADOM Empowerment Makeover Contest Winner 2012

"I am a new person who feels strong, beautiful and confident since becoming the winner of the empowerment makeover with Janice Hurley. Thanks to Janice and this opportunity, I have a new outlook on life. I make time for me so that I can give my all to the other areas and people in my life. I feel empowered and excited at work – ready to push myself and others around me to work harder. I learned how to dress for my proportions and how to put outfits together but more importantly, I learned that making time for me by planning my outfits and accessories, taking the time to do my hair and makeup all impact how I feel and how others treat me throughout the day. As I continue to grow, I know my practice will as well. "

Gayle Earle

Business Owner, Life Coach, Speaker

"I learned of Janice at a speaking engagement where she was presenting and my prayers were answered. My life has changed forever after spending time with Janice. She helped me purge all my old things and showed me how to make slight alterations so that every piece fit my body style. I even wear really fun shoes now! Janice did not try to change my image but helped me to enhance the real me. I can’t thank Janice enough for this priceless gift. She is my angel."


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