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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
November 2015
VIP Dr. Deborah, Georgia
Dr. Deborah was interested in being perceived in the very best light by both her patients and colleagues.  Challenged by naturally curly hair that takes hours to blow dry straight, we designed a hair style that was quick and easy but flattering and celebrated her curls.  We introduced the color red to her wardrobe because red worn correctly will communicate confidence and garner respect.  Professional women who wear makeup, and wear it well, have shown to have an income 18 - 20% higher than women doing the same job but who do not take advantage of this image tool. 
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VIP Dr. Deborah
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You Asked the Question
Letting Go
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Dr. David Moffet,
Dentist, Speaker,
Author & Consultant 
Sydney, Australia

Dr. Moffet recommends Janice's speaking and image consulting services. 


Imagine Yourself Capable - Imagine Yourself Strong
It's sometimes half the battle to mentally and physically assume the position of strength.  Research shows that assuming these positions for two minutes will increase your testosterone and lower your cortisol:
  • Pumping out your chest
  • Extending your arms high in the air victorious
Assume your power position both mentally and physically before any situation that you know needs your confidence.

You Asked the Question

"Janice is it true that men feel uncomfortable with eye contact?  That they would rather we talk on the side of them and not stand aligned to them?"

The answer is both.  Studies tell us that men will be very comfortable talking to one another standing side by side without making eye contact but.....if your goal is to see how they are responding to what you have to say and to have them feel important and listened to...they respond very well to your full attention. Fun fact - if their pupils dilate...they really like you.

Letting Go

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of our most favorite items.  Such was the case for me with my wallet.  Although I knew it looked worn and tired,  I was hard pressed to let it go.

It had served me well for over 5 years.  But, when I saw one that I liked equally as well at Nordstrom Rack,  I "let it go."  Yes, I had a little bit of separation anxiety but each day gets easier.  Take a minute to look at some of your favorite items to see what just might need to be replaced and then follow through with "letting it go."

All T-Shirts Are Not Equal.....It's the quality of the material that I care about and not necessarily the brand name. When you can associate a better quality of material with a particular brand then that is helpful but even within a particular brand you will find different levels of quality and attention to detail.  These T-shirts (shown here to the left and photographed in Nordstrom)  cost more than the average T-shirt but experience tells me they will hold their shape and color longer and that the men who wear them love the feel of the higher quality cotton.  MY MANTRA - you don't need a lot of clothes - you need the right clothes to represent you.




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