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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
April 2018
April VIP - Rita Zamora

This client has had such well-deserved success and I am honored to know I played a small part.   Rita Zamora is my "go to" social media guru and her company, Rita Zamora Connections serves my dental clients  and serves them well.  I had the pleasure of meeting Rita early in her career when she was slowly carving out her path and claiming her spot in the industry. I didn't make her smarter or contribute to her unfailing work ethic but I did give her a nudge or two on projecting her authentic self.   
In This Issue
April VIP
Rita's Testimonial
Fashion - Animal Print
Fashion - Can You Wear Stripes?
Fashion - Men's Wear
Time Management
Skin Care
How Is Your Spelling?
Woman's Workshop
First Impressions
Rita's Journey with Janice
"My experience working with Janice was career and thus life changing. Before I met Janice, I knew two things for sure. One was that I disliked shopping. I cringed at the time it took away from other things I could be doing, but I mostly hated that I wasn't sure what my style was or how to put together outfits ... I think Janice also told me that I was wearing clothes that were too big for me, lol. I also knew that I wanted to enhance my image. I wanted to be perceived differently and look more "put together" and I knew that I needed someone to help guide me. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and at my age, I'd still not mastered how to achieve the image I wanted. Nor did I have any idea how to begin to get there.

Janice was instrumental in advising me (in a matter of days), what hairstyle, makeup and clothes would best help me achieve my goals. She also provided overall business communication tips and informed me how perception works and how it would impact my career, the speaking engagements I'd be invited to, and the clients I'd attract. Janice continues to be a trusted advisor on style, etc. and also a friend who I can turn to for what is sometimes needed - brutal honesty. My business is a large part of my life and as it improves, so does my lifestyle and my life. Thank you Janice, for your wisdom, candor and inspiration that is truly life changing! "  Rita Zamora
Fashion - A Little Bit of Animal Print Goes a Long Way

There are some things to consider when wearing an animal print if the goal is to err on the side of classy and not trashy.  First, consider how much of your outfit has animal print.  The more animal print, the better the chance that it is meant for a weekend or date night.  These prints can certainly be worn for work with animal print flats a workplace favorite.  Animal prints go well with jeans and neutral tones such as white and black or browns and greys. It's probably a good idea to stay away from wearing hot pink with your favorite animal print unless it's an 80's theme party.  You can mix prints as long as you consider the general guideline -- which is making sure the size and pattern of the prints are a contrast.  Enjoy!
Fashion - Can You Wear Stripes?

These two sweaters are similar but not the same.  Which sweater would be the best for you?  As always, my recommendations depend on your body proportions and what you want the article of clothing to do for you.  The sweater on the left paired with a crisp white blouse will look more traditional but also more flattering to your shape if you have a narrow waist and slim torso.  The more narrow the stripes, the smaller it will make that area of your body look.  The sweater on the right, with the wider stripes, is more fashion forward on the model with the obviously very slim physique but will not flatter most of us, unfortunately.  As always, choose wisely.
Fashion - Men's Wear
Look closely - there IS a difference. The finish on your shoes dictates your belt choice. I choose a belt after choosing shoes for my male clients. Shoes can be a bit tricky, in terms of variety and fit, so starting with shoes first makes sense in most cases. Next, we look for the belt. I make sure to select a belt with the shoes in-hand because if my client does not already own the proper belt (or if they own one but it is worn out), it is a necessity they have the right belt to match their shoes. At the belt rack, I look for a belt that is the same color and has the same finish as the shoe we have chosen. Then, I look at the buckle to see if the style of the buckle goes well with how dressy or casual the shoe might be. You can often find other belt options in different stores or online to optimally pair up these two. Notice the shoe on the left has smooth leather compared to the other shoe which has a grainy leather look. Either of those belts would have worked with the two tone shoe on the right.
Time Management
Ditch the due date -- I do. We have due dates that are assigned to us and due dates or time frames we design for ourselves. Either way, they are placed in our mind or our actual calendars as the date of completion. Because my goal in the last year has been to live as stress free as possible, I ditch those dates. Instead I choose a date a week, 2 weeks, or even a month earlier than the actual due date for my calendar notation ...whatever it takes to increase the likelihood that I will complete the task and with as little self-imposed stress as possible. The stress is self-imposed when we leave a task until the deadline. I recently worked with a graphics designer on an ad I will be placing with AADOM for their Observer and I was asked, "Ok...the deadline is 4 weeks away but you want this finished this week, correct?" My response, "Yes, please!" There is no doubt that we often confront challenges along the way when trying to meet a deadline. But, the anxiety is much less when we are not up against the final clock. I apply the same tactic to time and when I need to leave or show up for an event. It's all a bit self-serving I know, but it benefits those I work with and my own mental sanity. Try is the same amount of work just done earlier.
Mix and match your bracelets to compliment your outfit.  I was recently communicating with a client, Pat P., and she was kind enough to say that our working together was impactful and very helpful.  One of the items she and I worked on was using the clothing and accessories she already owned. She had not combined these bracelets together before but she loved the result, especially when she saw them with her blouse.  One of the areas I see women spend a great deal of money on, but often under-utilize, is jewelry.  If our jewelry is not displayed so that we can readily view it, we can tend to wear the same thing again and again.  Her bracelets were of high quality and still very current.  It was a wise move to figure out how to use them in a fashion forward style. 
Skin Care

Taking the bags out from under our eyes - Under eye bags are a common cosmetic condition where dark circles form just below your lower eyelids.  Though not particularly stylish,  these bags are typically harmless and caused by things like age, allergies, and a lack of sleep. If you want to get rid of your under-eye bags within a few days, drink lots of water to flush excess salt out of your system. For a soothing treatment method, place chilled cucumber slices over your eyes and let them sit for a while. If you'd like a warmer variation, soak 2 teabags in a pot of hot water and, once the bags cool to a lukewarm temperature, lay them over your eyes.  Cold spoons will also work. Leave 2 spoons in the freezer overnight, and place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.  I use Chanel's Le Lift patches for convenience.
How Is Your Spelling?
We seem to fall into two categories - those that can spell and those that worry about what they write.  I clearly remember the rule, "I before E except after C or neighbor and weigh." But it turns out of that there are many more exceptions.   Have you ever had the misfortune of having spell check change something you had written into something you should never post?  This has happened to me quite frequently on social media and I always appreciate my friends quickly messaging me saying: "OOPS".  Whether we can spell or not, it is part of our image and it is good to be aware of what words we might frequently misspell.
Woman's Workshop

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"I have spent the last 10 years hiding my body behind prints & jewelry. 
After losing 30 lbs the "look" was a habit. Janice has helped me see 
beyond the clothes and to dress for my essence. Thank you 
for your direct and caring feedback." -- Workshop Attendee



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