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April VIP - Anh
Being Invisible
The pain of being invisible. I had a chance to speak with Mike Yankoski, author of Under the Overpass about his experience with being invisible. He intentionally left his middle class life to live homeless for five months. He wanted to find out for himself if he could survive and how others would treat him. He knew he would be hungry and cold and uncomfortable. What he hadn’t expected was to become invisible to others with just a change of clothes and living status. Mark Twain said "clothes make the man" and Shakespeare wrote that “apparel oft proclaims the man.” It is impactful for sure to experience how others treat us differently as they see us differently depending on what we wear.   
Confidence is a gift to yourself and others around you. Confident people are more open to learning and change, and they are less emotionally needy. Improving our personal and professional presence (and confidence) includes learning how to both give and receive a compliment. Many times, I see individuals who are quick to give a compliment to others but struggle to receive one themselves. What is the best response when someone compliments you? “Thank you” -- plain and simple with nothing added. "Thank you." Often, we think positive thoughts about someone but fail to voice those thoughts. Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, everyone. Read more in Janice's recent blog: " You Got This! Learn How to Be a Curious Learner "
Spring Collection

Jean jackets in the Spring? Absolutely! One of the reasons jean jackets or jean vests do so well in the Spring or Summer is that warm weather fabrics, like the one pictured here, are going to be a light weight and a natural contrast to the jean material. When deciding on a jean jacket size, lean toward the smaller size. The front of the jacket doesn't have to meet in front. It’s more flattering when there is a vertical opening down the front by leaving the jacket unbuttoned. And, too much heavy jean material can be bulky or masculine. I am a big fan of jean jackets in different colors.
Our Best Self
Our clarity and our optimism of our capabilities can vary from day to day. In fact, they can vary from moment to moment depending on how challenging of a situation we find ourselves in and how vulnerable we might be to criticism. One recommendation I often make is to notice when it is we feel at our best - i.e. when can we make decisions with confidence and when do our actions follow through to our To Do List? When have we been the most kind, thoughtful or gracious? When did we eat and sleep to promote our highest energy? Try and notice those times and claim them. Know that we won't always function at such a high optimal level but know that we (you) can!
Grooming Tips - Men
A man and his hair can be a source of great pride or sometimes a source of frustration. These before and after photos show how youthful this gentleman looks with a more current haircut. Not having his glasses hang down too low on his noise is helpful and the best asset of all is, of course, his smile. As we get older, our “resting face” can look very severe as the elasticity in our skin and muscles gives way to sagging and drooping. Knowing what your resting face looks like, so you can modify it with a smile, will help you look more approachable. Cutsbycat is a very talented hairstylist that I used in Las Vegas for a favorite client in the past. Just “any old” haircut will not do. You can’t be expected to know how to get the most flattering and current hair style. But a good stylist will know and the right style can take 10 years off your face and image. Not a bad deal.
What's Back in Style?
Jumpsuits are back in style! It may well be true that styles come and go and then they return in a slightly altered form. Jumpsuits have been out there for the last 3 years and I was hesitant to embrace them because I had 70’s connotations as to their popularity. Solid colored jumpsuits will always be more flattering than those made from a print, particularly a large print, although prints can be fun. The length of the pant can be full length, cropped, knee length or short – all are popular.  The shoes and jewelry worn with your jumpsuit will determine how casual or dressy you want to appear. Because the majority of jumpsuits have a belt, they can be very flattering to a small waist.   
Where's Janice?
April 13: Keynote Speaker – Convergent Dental – Scottsdale, AZ
April 17-18: In Office Consulting – Huntsville, AL
April 25-28: Star of the North Dental Meeting – Minneapolis, MN
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