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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
April 2017

                Before                                                              After

VIP KAY HUFF - Sometimes you just KNOW you're ready for a change. This month's VIP, Kay Huff from Beaumont, Texas, said she knew she was "stuck in a rut."  Buying the same dress over and over again and having lots of clothes in her closet but never feeling as successful and attractive as she had hoped. Director of Dental Coaching Program for Benco, Kay needed to look and feel her best consistently when traveling and speaking.  She was surprised to learn that she could wear stripes and patterns and have options other than solids in her wardrobe.  A darker hair color and shorter style was the remedy for over processed hair. Lighter make-up on Kay's skin tone let her beautiful blue eyes take center stage.
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Think Before You Speak
Health and Well-Being
Men and Fashion
Hair for Women
Photography Tips
Packing Tips
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Think Before You Speak
Just when I think I might say something - I turn it around. I play through what I wanted to say from the receivers end.  It's such an eye opener when the thought, I wasn't sure I should say, is processed as the receiver. I pretend someone is saying it to me and then I clearly know whether or not it should be spoken. It might be something that has the potential to sound egotistical, as bragging, critical or just plain off topic and uninteresting.  When I listen to what I was going to say from this advantage point, I often say nothing.

Who doesn't want options, right?  So whenever you get a dress or skirt that is too short you want to know that you have options.  Check to see how much fabric was left on the hem.  The dress pictured here was too short and BEFORE I wore it, or had it laundered, I took it to a seamstress (or tailor) to have the hem let down as far as the fabric would allow.  The longer your dress or skirt, the more slenderizing it will be. And, if you have knees (like mine) that have seen better days ... covering them up is always my best option. 


Health and Well-Being
More Fruit ...  For overall health and energy, I am back to eating more fruit. Since I began to eat Paleo "with treats," I eliminated most fruit but I am back on board after listening to Dr. Uche Odiatu last week in Phoenix at the Western Regional Dental Conference. Fruit will not make us fat and it provides much needed glycogen. And, it takes 24-36 hours to saturate those muscles that work so hard during our intense workouts.  Go for variety.  
  • Vitamin C - Important for growth and repair of all body tissues and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Provides antioxidant defense against infection and disease.
  • Folate (folic acid)- Helps the body form red blood cells and helps reduce the risk of birth defects.
Men and Fashion

Pocket Squares are back in style and they are a decorative addition to a blazer or suit jacket. A pocket square is also an opportunity to show flare and personal style at almost any occasion. 

  • They do not need to be worn with a tie
  • They might be made of linen, cotton, wool or silk and are an average size of 12" by 12". Any fabric or size can be used as long as it is thin
  • Solid colors are the easiest for most men because they don't have to worry about proper pattern contrast 
  • Do not match your pocket square to your tie and do not purchase a jacket with a premade square sewn into the breast pocket
  • A puff fold is the most casual 
  • A square fold is the most professional.
Hair for Women: Length and Styles

Hair Styles Change  - You're going to see mid-length and even shorter styles in hair this year. The new "looks" in hair require different styling equipment and technique. You'll notice that the curls lay vertical and that they start at the same level on the head. Hair that is layered struggles to get the desired ringlet. The first curl is turned away from the face.

There are some great You Tube tutorials for creating these beach waves for both long and short hair. There are only 3 basic haircuts. What makes them different and impactful is how you style those three cuts.

Photography Tips

Take Notice - If you've never liked any photos taken of yourself, more than likely you are tensing your face and working against your ultimate goal. The use of photos and video is growing leaps and bounds in our professional and our personal lives. 

Here are 5 easy tips that will let you relax and get the results that you want next time ...GUARANTEED:


  • Lighting is the most important aspect to the success of your photo. Diffused outdoor lighting is the most flattering to our face
  • Pull your chin out instead of in when you have a double chin you are trying to hide. It may feel a bit unnatural but it will look great if you relax
  • LOVE THE LENS - relax your mind and focus solely on the lens in front of you - let your eyes be soft, warm and happy and then let the rest fall in place. Think eyes...not mouth
  • The angle of the lens is important. Having the lens below you in a full body shot will make your legs look longer. Having the lens above your eye or head level will make your head look larger and your body smaller. Just know what you want to achieve
  • A busy background will take away from the focus that should be on you and shooting into the light will make you dark and out of focus. The background is NOT as important as the light on your face.
Packing Tips

Packing Shoes - While it's optimal to pack your shoes with shoe trees - they weigh quite a bit.  Another option is to take tissue paper and stuff the front and back of the shoe - and then put the shoe in a protective bag.  Many shoe companies will include a protective travel bag for your shoes that can also be used in your closet to keep the dust off.  These shoes are from Boden and they traveled with me to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry this month, where I presented for a fourth time. 
What's Janice Been Up To?
The first four months of 2017 have been busy and had me in many cities - coast to coast. I traveled to Chicago to speak at Chicago Midwinter, to Atlanta for Hinman Dental Meetings, to Arizona for their Western Regional Dental Conference, to Las Vegas for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, to Salt Lake City for Champions of Dentistry hosted by Team Training Institute and ended back home in San Diego this week for my two day Image Enhancement Workshop.

I've met some incredible people, including Dr. Bryan G Sicher, DMD from Moneta, VA. He was kind enough to share his enthusiasm for one of my courses at Hinman:

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