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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
August 2015
VIP Leann Burke
My VIP client is from Rockford, Illinois.   Leann Burke is a busy mother of two and a practicing dentist.  Like so many of my clients, she didn't particularly enjoy shopping because she was never quite sure which styles flattered her "new mom" figure.  At 5'1", the right proportions for her body were a crucial consideration.  From the length of her jackets to the belt placements, we made sure her clothes were comfortable and figure conscious.  We also introduced more color into her wardrobe.  Leann was drawn to black because she felt it was figure flattering. This is a common mindset but her two "after photos" show that, at the same weight, color in the right fabric and proportion can look FABULOUS! For those that are petite (5'4" or shorter) you might be proportioned as petite in your torso and not in your arms or legs and vice versa. Someone who wears a 4P might be a size 2 in regular sizing.   It's all about your proportions which is why it becomes necessary to try everything on before purchasing.
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VIP Leann Burke
Another Satisfied Client
Job Security
Just For Men
Healthy Living
Attitude of Gratitude
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Job Security

JOB SECURITY COMES WITH A SMILE - Bring Your Rose Colored Glasses
Talking about how unhappy you are at work increases your chance of being fired.  In fact, studies tell us that 80% of people who are let-go are not let-go from low performance but because they "just didn't fit in" or "get along well with others."  Posting on social media sites that you dread going to work on Monday or posts pertaining to co-workers short comings are just another way to get yourself unemployed. Seriously! Decide you will find a way to love what you do or move on while you still have that luxury.  I spent a small part of my weekend talking with unhappy employees who really do not want to make a mental change but want me to change everyone else's way of treating them.  We all know this is not going to happen...not because I wouldn't like it to (because I would in some instances) but because we really have little to no control over others.  No matter what is on your schedule for Monday, one of your biggest gifts to yourself, and others, is to let yourself look at all the positives and dwell on those.  Whatever you focus on will get bigger.
Just For Men
No matter how warm it might be, I understand and applaud your goal to be comfortable. Summer can be tough when dressing professionally, but  do you know why most men should NOT wear a tie with a short sleeved shirt? This style is typically considered nerdy, old school and out of date.

How do you quickly identify that Dwight, on the left from the cast of The Office, has been depicted as a nerd?  They put him in a poor fitting, short-sleeved shirt with a tie.  Look at the difference in the width of the sleeves and the overall fit of these two examples.  The one on the left is a definite don't and the one on the right is a "maybe" depending on your physique and your geographical area.
Healthy Living


Yes - those are asparagus on my counter displayed like a bouquet of flowers
(well not quite) but they are out where I can see them to remind me to cook them.  They are also in that glass of water to plump them up as much as possible before I steam or grill them.  Vegetables do an amazing job of giving us healthy non-processed nutrition along with wonderful flavor and a sense of being full.  Fruit, in general, has a much higher percentage of sugar. We can overeat on watermelon or grapes at times (it would take a lot) but we can never go wrong with large portions of vegetables.  Many refrigerators have the vegetable drawer at the bottom where we don't see its contents.  Do what you can to keep plenty of healthy vegetables on hand and right where you can see them.

Attitude of Gratitude

My IRONING Epiphany  - Of Course I Love to Iron! 
I realize I am probably dating myself by saying that I iron at all - but I do and I have learned how to love it. Many of you have learned how to wash clothes, hang them up or put them in the dryer for a prescribed amount of time avoiding the need to iron. I haven't evolved in that direction quite yet. Instead, I have learned to look at my pile of "ironing" more fondly when I applied the same principles of appreciation that I do for anything else I am fortunate enough to own.  I iron with gratitude.  Grateful I have electricity, a great ironing board, a top of the line Rowenta iron and the article of clothing I am striving to have look pressed.  When visiting my grandchildren, I thoroughly enjoy ironing their clothes.  It finally dawned on me that because I love them so much and wanted them to have nice things, this was an easy task.  Why would I not apply the same love to myself?  For me...it worked.
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