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August VIP - Deborah Monden
Just Don't. . .
I know it seems like a good idea to post your do’s and don’ts in your area of business, but nothing could be more counterproductive. If you have gotten to the point where you think you have to post a sign on how others should be treated, you have a bigger, deeper problem. The reality is that the individuals you are targeting have no interest in changing their behavior and your sign will mean nothing to them. What it will do though is create a negative atmosphere for everyone. It might also create a focus on what might be considered “lack of dignity and respectful behavior.” If you think someone is not being respectful, take action and nip it in the bud. Make sure your team knows how to communicate in a positive, non-adversarial manner no matter what the subject might be.   
Honoring Your Host
There are many ways to honor your host and sometimes proper etiquette is cultural. You might bring a bottle of wine or flowers, both of which are fairly standard. Consider also the importance of dressing for the occasion. Your effort will express to the host how important you feel the event is and how honored you were to be invited.  

You will feel different based on your clothing choices and those around you will notice and interpret the event’s importance to you by your choices.
Things You Can Control
Stacie Swift gives us a great visual on the value of controlling our time. It’s the universal equal in that we all get 24 hours in a day and how we choose to allocate that time is a personal choice. This allocation of time will affect how much you get done and how satisfied you are with the results.  

Personally, I put my need for 8-9 hours of sleep at the top of my list. I am getting better and better at setting boundaries that are consistent and respectful of my talents and time. I am the most vulnerable to “jump at the drop of a hat” for my grown children and no doubt that is an emotional need on which I am working. It is good to understand which individuals in your life might need you to create clearer boundaries. When you are consistent, others will indeed respect your time.
Once in while you have a garment worth tailoring to this degree. This long jacket does nothing but shorten and age the woman who owns it. The first thing to take into consideration, before investing in alterations, is the construct of the materials. Not every fabric, particularly knits, can be altered successfully. The second consideration is about how much will the garment really be worn. This multicolored jacket is highly versatile and altering the length gives the owner a great deal of occasions for wearing. Three strong primary colors set a current backdrop and make the jacket look new and fresh instead of old school. Primary colors are strong so you want to be careful about repeating them too often in your other outfit pieces to avoid looking “matchy-matchy.” 
To Button or Not To Button
The most current suit colors at this time are blue and steel grey. The photo of the professional models on the left duplicates the colors and style of the oral surgeons on the right. The models have their top button buttoned when they stand and, in this case, also when leaning. Normally, when a man stands, he buttons all but the bottom button of his jacket. However, you would button the jacket closed when standing for a photo or with a single button jacket. If you wish to appear more casual, an open jacket might create that desired effect. Pocket squares always contribute to a look of festivity and of being more formal or “well dressed.”
Spring 2020 Workshop
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Professional Image Workshop - For Women Only!
April 9-10, 2020 in Carlsbad, CA
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  • Understand the impact of “color” and makeup
  • Make a “shopping list” to complete your wardrobe
  • Fit a jacket and slacks for your body shape
  • Find your best assets and learn how to play them up!
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