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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
December 2014
VIP Client - Dr. Tamara Clauson, Lodi, CA     

Professional women, who are petite, have some unique challenges to consider when they are making their clothing selections.
  Dr. Tamara Clauson is petite enough that in this "after photo" she is wearing heels and I took mine off just to be in the same plane for our picture together.  Her 6 hours of shopping with me was intended to replace the closet full of clothes we had "released" previously for someone who is older and larger.  Dr. Clauson was ready to start from scratch and build a consistent professional, but comfortable, image.  She was quickly told she looked 15 years younger - and we only changed her clothing!

Good guidelines for those of you who are petite: 
  • Avoid large prints
  • Make sure your garments fit snug to your arms and legs
  • Avoid clothes with lots of fabric
  • Small V-necks, close to your face, will make you look taller as the attention is brought up to your face and head
  • Wear jackets, blazers or sweaters that fall to the middle of your rear or higher
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VIP Client - Dr. Tamara Clauson
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"I know you're really busy. . ."
Business Card Etiquette
Black Pants At Work
Are Hats For You?
Photo Facts
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"I know you're really busy..."   

Listen closely when you hear someone say this phrase to you - "I know you're really busy" -- because they have just told you that they believe you don't have much time for them.  Think twice before you make statements that can be perceived as your having a calendar or a personal stress level that is too full.  We sometimes think that portraying ourselves as having a great deal to do means we are in  demand and successful.  What matters is not what YOU think the word "busy" means to you, but instead how your clients interpret those words to affect their lives or business. Intimating that you have "no more time" is not something you want to portray professionally or personally.

Business Card Etiquette - YES - there is such a thing.  

When someone hands you their business card, take it seriously and give it your time and attention.  Develop a new habit: Train your brain to register the fact that someone handing you their business card is a time of importance.

All too frequently we are given a business card in the middle of a conversation and our instinct is to quickly put the card away without giving it proper attention.

Five steps to handling the business card encounter:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the card.  When they initially hand you the card, respond with - "Thank you very much."
  2. Hold the card with two hands when possible and look, really look, at the card.  One hand will do but you can't forgo the looking part.☺
  3. Comment on some aspect of the card  - the person's title, the name of the company, perhaps that their website is listed or something about what is presented on the card.
  4. Turn the card over to see what information has been written on both sides.  
  5. Continue with the conversation you were having prior to the card being presented and end with, "Thank you again - this will be helpful".

Black Pants at Work - your most frequently asked question this month

"What type/style of pant is appropriate for work now?"  Let's start with -- it depends where you work -- it depends how conservative your industry is and  your location.  Hawaii will always have different guidelines than Wisconsin. So, let's consider the typical office atmosphere and here are my thoughts.
  1. Get rid of the wide bottomed black pant  - too old school and dated.
  2. Look for a straight leg pant similar to this one in the photo.  A pant that is cut like this would be my pant of choice IF it hits close to your ankle.
  3. Remember, the wider your thighs the more you want to make sure the pant hangs down from the thighs.  Your choice might not be this slim fitting to your calves and you might prefer them a little longer.
  4. The best "work pant" does not have lots of stretch to it.  Ladies, you do not want a pant that stretches and hugs your legs.
  5. They should be form fitting to your rear.
  6. Leggings, or anything that can be tucked into a pair of boots, are not work appropriate for the typical office.
The key to choosing the right pant for your work environment has to do with how YOU want to be perceived and where you work.  If you are a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown you have a lot more trendy options than if you are the Financial Coordinator in a dental practice.    

Are Hats For You?


Hats are a great way to show or make a statement about your personality but hats can also be tricky if you don't understand how they affect the shape of your face.   Yes, it's the shape of your face that determines which hat styles will flatter and which will not.  Everyone can wear a hat, but not everyone should wear just any hat.  Stand back and look to see if the hat you are trying on makes your head look in proportion to your body.  Many times people with a tall forehead like the look of a hat pulled down close to their eyes because it makes their forehead  look smaller.  And, since your hat will frame your face, you want to make sure that you are selecting a color that will enhance your warm or cool skin tone. The bonus is that your hat of choice will, no doubt, go with most anything in your closet since you already shop keeping that in mind.☺  


Photo Facts

My good friend Peggy Boni, seen here with her husband Mike, asked me to share some photo advice I gave her recently when taking their picture. As we get older, ALL OF US lose elasticity in our skin and muscles which, in turn, affects our smile.  It means we have to work extra hard to look like we are smiling.  It might feel like we are breaking out into a big clown grin just to get the effect of looking happy.   Try this simple exercise to see what I mean - take your cell phone and have someone take a photo of your face "at rest" and then another photo of you gently smiling and then again with what you think is a big smile.  Check it out and tell me what you see.





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