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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
December 2016

Dr. Carrie Arquitt gave her husband, Dr. George Arquitt, a special Christmas gift.
 She gifted him a day of shopping with me and then enthusiastically added herself to the agenda for their trip from Springfield, Missouri.  It was a fabulous two days of fun and discovery as we achieved their goals of looking and feeling fabulous.  Dr. Carrie had heard me speak at a dental conference on the subject of Image and the impact it has in our careers. It was the gift that kept on giving as they went back to their busy lives and beautiful family.  Dr. Carrie then later used my services for advice on the wording in her marketing materials and the best visuals to use.  Our image /brand is multifaceted.  
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Tough Times
Fitness & Our Image
Short Boots
Executive Coaching
Personal Growth
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Tough Times
If I have learned anything over the years, it would be that EVERYONE HAS TOUGH TIMES, and that the most difficult place to be at these times is in our own head - or mentally stuck. Feeling like you are always going to be in the same position facing the same challenges can be debilitating. My mantra during those times has always been, "This too shall pass, this too shall pass" and so it does. What helps is focusing on something else and taking any possible step forward to get out of being "stuck." Small steps...tiny movements forward...they all count and they all help you mentally get out of the funk that comes with tough times. The younger you are the bigger the crisis seems, and the longer you think it will last, because you don't have many similar situations to draw from. With time comes wisdom ...or at least that's our goal, right?
Fitness & Our Image
There is a proven correlation between our fitness and other's perception of our success. Many of you know that I am a Crossfit fan and go to Crossfit myself when I am not traveling. Crossfit is certainly not a good fit for everyone...not because of age or injuries - both of which I have in spades, but it's not a good fit based on other factors. It's not a good fit if you want to talk during class ☺ or pick and choose what your workout will be. I find it's not a good fit if you are super competitive and won't scale your workouts. It's also not a good fit if you don't like lots of noise and music. What is a good fit for you, and all of us, is some kind of plan to move. Many times I am so sore, or in a funk from travel, that I don't want to go but I tell myself to just show up and finish. Celebrate what you can do and be good to your self today and every day.
Short Boots -- Who Can Wear Them?

Who looks good in short boots? - Well, not me! As much as I like them and I like how they look on other people, they do not flatter my legs or torso. Who does look good in the cute short boot... women with slim, long legs. Those of us with short or average length legs or large calves will only manage to chop off the length of our legs when we wear these short boots with dresses. Helping the cause is wearing tights the same color as the boot to give the illusion of a monochromatic color. You can wear short boots with either calf length dresses or pants with better results. I know.....NO FAIR. ☺ 

I have learned this lesson I am afraid, the hard way. But because the lesson has been so painful and expensive, I am less likely to make the same mistake again. I wear boots, but they are the tall ones. How about you?
Executive Coaching

I had the pleasure of spending 6 hours with a young man in the prime of his career who was interested in personal growth. For example, knowing when and how to open a door for someone else, in either a social or professional situation, is an excellent skill in which to become comfortable. Key in mastering the art of opening another's door is to anticipate the need to do so. Pay attention and look to see which door you should be opening. If there are two doors in the entrance to the building, then smoothly walk in back of and to the side of the person you will be opening the door for and continue to keep the door open for your companion or group to enter. In general, when with a group, it's the man who reaches the door first that is most likely to open the door for others. On a date, you'll make someone feel special when you offer this gesture with comfort and ease.

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Personal Growth
A lobster, as we know, has a hard shell and a soft body. The lobster doesn't start with the large adult shell we see here, but instead its body grows and the shell becomes confining and uncomfortable. The Praying Mantis goes through the same metamorphosis. We can choose every day to stretch ourselves, to try something new or face something we want to change about our self and then do it. Without the uncomfortable piece of self-reflection and observation, we risk staying stagnant and possibly envying the great results of others. Be good to yourself and give yourself permission to be in that uncomfortable place of growth. It's okay, and in fact, it's necessary. 

Click here to view Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski's video "Times of Stress Are Signals For Growth."
Workshop Signups for 2017


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Here's what Mindy Altermatt is saying about her experience at Janice's Image Workshop:

Executive Coach, Speaker
& Authenticity  Champion!
"As a nurturing woman, mother, wife, and servant leader it's second nature for me to put others first. So 
much so that to think of something as simple as investing in me and my professional image felt selfish. Until I met Janice.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Janice was my teacher. When she extended the invitation to attend her image workshop I expected make up tips, wardrobe ideas, and hairstyle advice. What I received was so much more.

The biggest impact the workshop had on me centered on four words: ... because I am worthy.
I will buy a new brown belt... because I am worthy.
I will add more color to my wardrobe... because I am worthy.
I will clean out my closet... because I am worthy.
I will (insert everything I said I'd do)... because I am worthy.

It may not have been listed among the learning objectives of her workshop, but as far as I'm concerned it should have been. I no longer consider it selfish to put myself and my professional image first. I was and continue to be worthy of any investment in my professional growth.

If you're trying to decide whether or not to invest in Janice's workshop take it from me. Do it. You are worthy and she's a remarkable teacher and guide."




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