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December 2017
Dr. Kathryn Wright writes:  "I just can't say enough wonderful things about how powerfully Janice has impacted my life and body image. I actually enjoy shopping now - to say nothing about absolutely "glowing" from the inside out.  It's one of the first times in a long while when my first thought at looking at myself in the mirror is, 'wow....I'm beautiful'.  She is a creative genius with her ability to change a person from the inside out in two days.....incredible!"

It doesn't really get much better than that....reading what Dr. Wright wrote to my assistant Jory after spending two days of makeover time with me. I continue to get to work with just the best people possible.
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Your Holiday Greetings
Health and Well-Being
Christmas Gift Ideas
Lifestyle Habits
Fashion Forward
Cell Phones for Adolescents?
About Janice
Your Holiday Greetings

We Love Seeing Pictures of You - We know you love your kids, grandkids and pets and we're interested in seeing them. But what we really like is seeing the updated photos of you.  It's sometimes hard to include ourselves in our holiday photos because we are taking the pictures.  I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to those of you who keep us up-to-date on what you're doing.  Thank you Adele & Ken Reische - you put a smile on my face when I went to the mailbox. 
Health and Well-Being
6 Reasons Why You Might Have Trouble Sleeping - There is nothing in my life that I protect more than my sleep because I just can't think clearly without a good night's rest. I notice I am not alone as I get older in struggling to go to sleep and stay asleep. Morning coffee is my best friend even though I know it is most likely not good for my adrenal fatigue.  

What keeps us from sleeping well?
  1. Stress at night - we have lots going on and our subconscious knows it
  2. Being extra busy or traveling which takes us off our routine.
  3. Missing breakfast can actually affect your sleep
  4. Unhealthy food choices. Our bodies use amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to create the calming neurotransmitter that allow us to sleep. When our diet lacks variety, it affects our sleep
  5. An inconsistent sleep schedule. Varying our schedule for the weekends or because we are traveling can shorten our sleep time
  6. Alcohol consumption. While a drink can bring on a relaxed feeling and maybe even make us a little sleepy, it can also cause us to wake up in the middle of the night.
Christmas Gift Idea - Men Carry Things Too

arry Bags come in all sizes because men carry things too.  This unique company makes their products in America although they are enjoyed globally.  An added bonus -- they are built to last with a lifetime guarantee.  This particular Nutsac product is a revolution among men's satchels - it fits any standard-sized tablet (including the iPad Pro 10.5"), accessories, charger, and more.  $129 Check out their unique website - www.nutsacbags.com
Lifestyle Habits

I think we're sometimes lazy and it hurts us - myself included.  
So much of what doesn't get done or accomplished is due to a lack of effort. As I travel on a regular basis, I am surprised at how little effort is put into getting dressed for the day.  For the record, I don't always feel like putting on my makeup or doing my hair but I know that it takes less than an hour and by doing so I am both respecting myself and teaching others how to treat me. What if we really went against the masses and suggested "casual day" was no longer in style?  
Fashion Forward
How do you keep up with what is in style? This is probably the most common question that I get asked.  Keeping up with style trends can be a bit tricky. One reason is because we use catalogs as a source of reference for current looks and many times they have items that look "old school and frumpy." So why do they still list them? I think they offer clothing items that are easy to wear, baggy or full of stretch and then put them on 6 ft tall, slim models to prompt you to buy them.  I watch little to no TV but I do keep up with style by watching Vogue's The Fashion Fund, Project Runway and other fashion programs. I also look in magazines and online sources. The trickiest piece is that you must always pay attention to what looks good on your figure and many times our body type is not represented. Ladies - you can safely get rid of your wide leg black, polyester slacks and Men - toss those pants with pleats.
Cell Phones for Adolescents?
Here's a Thought - The positive and the negative of phones for our children or adolescents and how it affects their image is something parents wrestle with all over the world. French children, for example, won't be allowed to bring their phones into classrooms starting next fall. The Guardian  reports that while kids can still bring their phones into their schools, the devices have to stay locked away until the end of the day. This will apply to students ranging in age from 6 to approximately 15 years of age - or starting high school (aka secondary school). In addition to trying to minimize distractions, the French government says the ban sends a "public health message" because kids shouldn't spend much - or any - time in front of a screen until they're seven years old. My 10 grandchildren (age 15 - 3) do not have phones but no doubt they are in the minority.
Does your eyewear match your personality?  Choosing your eyewear is only second in importance to choosing your hairstyle and, of course, having fabulous looking teeth.  Choose eyewear that absolutely flatters and expresses your personality.  Be very careful not to pick glasses that you think are going to just blend into your face.  They don't usually blend and can sometimes have you appear meek.   Begin by placing the glasses on your face and looking to see if the pupil of your eye falls into the center of the lens.  Next, check to see if the edge of the rim is just as wide as your face and not wider or too narrow.  Be sure the color of the rim is in your color family.  If you are warm in your skin tone, you don't want black glasses but instead should choose brown or something in the warm tone family.  Lastly, be sure the part of the frame that goes on the side of your face is long enough to fit around your ear where it should and not too long that it extends past where it should.  We have so many different shapes to our faces so be careful not to expect glasses to be one size fits all -- they aren't.
Your Image, Your Perception, Your Reality
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