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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
February 2014

VIP Karin       

Lots of women fear cutting their hair because they think it won't be as attractive.  This month's client, Karin, found out that cutting her hair did just the opposite. Before her makeover, she rarely wore her hair down but instead pulled it back in to a ponytail. On her way up the corporate ladder at American Express, she was encouraged to "dress the part" of a level C employee. During our time together, Karin invested not only in her hair but also in makeup, shoes and clothes. We added over 20 items to her wardrobe and mixing and matching are key to her Optimal Image.  Since her makeover, Karin has found that past co-workers don't even recognize her.  Congratulations to our VIP for taking her presence seriously.
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How Credible Would You Say You Are?
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LinkedIn Tips
Operator Error
Men -- You Asked ...
Who Can Wear Yellow?

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How Credible Would You Say You Are?      

On a scale of 1 to 10, would you give yourself a 10?  And, if not, why not? During first encounters, your credibility will be based on your voice tone, voice pace and your body language.  Women, particularly young women, are sorely hampered if they have a high pitch to their voice.  Answer someone's question too quickly and they think you didn't really listen or didn't give your answer enough thought.  Your body tells others how you feel about yourself and the person with whom you are speaking.  Resist looking away too frequently and align your body from shoulders to your feet to the person with whom you are communicating.  And finally, how credible are you to those who have worked with you for a while?  Can you be counted on to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it?  If you tend to overpromise, know you are losing credibility which will be very hard to recover.  The solution?  Say no to requests you can't fulfill or give a deadline you can meet.

Did You Know. . .  

For the most part we know that women are better at remembering faces than men.  It turns out that more frequent  facial scannings are done by women  which allows us to retain information.  In fact, a man will scan someone's face in about 10 movements while a woman will average closer to 17.  According to Kinesiologist Jennifer Heisz, both genders start at the center of the face and looked at the same features - eyes, nose and mouth but women made more eye movements between the features.

LinkedIn Tips     

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo should be an accurate visual representation of your best professional self.  This is a before and after photo of a successful businesswoman with an MBA and years of career success.  Be careful that your professional photo is not suggestive or sultry.  Instead, look for that warm smile, inviting eye contact and focus to your face.  This particular woman had recently moved from Russia where LinkedIn is not taken as seriously as it is here in the USA.      

Operator Error  

My new favorite eyeliner is called  Xtreme by Jo Mousselli.  It goes on easier and smoother than any other eyeliner I have used. And, at $29, it is reasonably priced.  As good as this eyeliner is - it is only as good as the operator treats it.  Remember to replace the cap after use.  Its ability to smoothly glide on the lid of your eye only happens if it has not been exposed to the air for long periods of time.  Of course, I found this out the hard way

Men -- You Asked. . .     

Men, you wrote in and asked how to deal with body hair.  And, like a lot of things.....it depends.  It depends on how much hair you have and how much you want to show when you take your shirt off.  Waxing is by far the most extreme and long lasting for body hair treatments.  There are salons set up to do just wax, trim and shave to get your desired results.  But, for the most part, men usually like to explore what can be done at home. 

On your own, and with a partner, you can trim front and back hair followed up with a shave.  Some men like to just trim the front with a clipper head that gets nice and close but doesn't take it all off.  When considering hair on the back or shoulders, it should be clean as a baby's bottom.  Those tight trimmers can also be used on forearms to trim back the overzealous hair that shows up as we get older.  Sometimes, females need to treat their arms as well.  


Who Can Wear Yellow?   

I know firsthand that not everyone wants to wear the color yellow.
  But, it is so much fun to help my clients discover bright colors they have never worn before. My good friend Sunshine, and Mom/Model in our book, Beautiful After Baby, had never worn bright yellow before.  But, once she tried it -she was hooked.  She now says this is one of her favorite colors.  When accessorizing your bright colors, try anything but black.  The color black is often over used and can be very harsh in contrast to your bright yellow.  Who shouldn't wear yellow?  People whose skin tone is more on the cool or blue side should avoid wearing yellow. Ivory skin tones don't do as well with bright yellow as they do with bright pink.  When it's time to try new colors - be brave and accessorize wisely.





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