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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
February 2015
Our VIP 

Cyndi Bodner is a busy mother of two. Like any active mom, being comfortable is first and foremost.  Cyndi was challenged, like so many of us, with finding comfortable shoes.  Facts about shoes:
  1. A round toe shoe will make your legs look shorter.
  2. When possible, "anchor" your outfit by wearing shoes that are darker than your pants or dress.
  3. For challenging feet, finding a shoe that fits is worth every minute you spend and every dollar you invest.  
  4. Always consider fit first when buying shoes - not style. But ladies, I promise you can have both.
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Upcoming Speaking Events
Executive Coaching Corner
Management Questions?
If It's Not A Habit - It's Not Happening
TV Time
First Impressions

Janice Hurley
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Executive Coaching Corner

BORING MEETINGS? - Odds are that you have either attended or conducted a boring meeting. Miserable!  So how do you avoid these?  Decide that wasting your time (or others) is unacceptable and know that the key to avoiding boredom is to involve others. Many times it means involving them before the meeting actually takes place. Yes, talking to those who will be at the meeting ahead of time and getting their "buy in" or their input before you actually have the meeting gives you (and them) a heads up on what to expect.  It also provides an opportunity to let that person know where you would like their participation.  Agendas sent out ahead of the meeting will ensure you are not winging it.  Starting with action items from your last meeting will also keep others on their toes.  These same suggestions work equally well with online meetings which tend to be the main stay of communication these days.   Read more about Janice's Executive Coaching Programs

Management Questions?

One of the more common challenges that I am asked to address in my one-on-one coaching relates to respect.
Many times my clients have received promotions based on their production only to find themselves in managerial positions that now introduce new challenges. This situation, often referred to as The Peter Principle, is a concept in management theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence." Or more succinctly, they know they are in over their head. Nervous, now that they find themselves in new surroundings with challenging responsibilities, they communicate without authority.  One of the more common habits is to ask several questions in one breath signaling that you are indeed nervous and you've made answering adequately almost impossible.  If you think you are over your head as a manager, you should pay particular attention to your communication style.  Make statements - don't let what you say always sound like a question or that you are unsure of what you are saying.  Refrain from using the same response over and over, such as,"right" - "right".  You will train people how to treat you and it will affect your career climb. 

If It's Not A Habit - It's Not Happening

One very important quality, in our professional and personal lives, is confidence - confidence in our health, our fitness and our finances. You decide, of course, what is "good enough" in each of these areas, but know that unless you make a plan to reach your goals, it won't just happen. You are strongly influenced by those you spend time with in all three of these important quality-of-life areas. Watching sports is fabulous, participating is even better.  Confidence is a gift you give yourself and those around you.  When you are worried about your health, your fitness or your finances you burden yourself unnecessarily on something of which you have control. For the next forty days, plan ahead to develop healthy habits.

TV Time

I recently heard from a client who wanted to be comfortable in front of potential clients and the TV cameras.
  I was really pleased to hear how she had benefited from her coaching session.  Here are four things to remember when it's your time in front of the lens.

1.)  Have a tightly constructed conversation. Short crisp answers are best with strong adjectives when possible to keep your audience interested.

2.)  Practice ahead of time some of the more commonly presented questions and always construct your answers in terms of the benefit to your listener.  It is not about you even though you are being interviewed.

3.)  Practice answering your questions and record your body language.  You would be surprised at the body language that takes place when you are nervous.  Look to see the placement of your hands and feet.  Notice if you are keeping good eye contact.  Shoot for eye contact that lasts about 6-8 minutes in length.

4.)  You'll be surprised to see just how animated you will need to be so not to appear bored.  Smile bigger...nod occasionally and breathe when it's not your turn to talk.





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