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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
February 2017

Meet Ryan Frank, a Nuclear Power Generation Professional. CLEAR GOALS - clear results.  Clients that get the best results from my coaching are clear they are ready for different results in their lives and they leave with a specific To Do List that ensures they will get there if they "do the work".  This is what Ryan Frank had to say about his recent coaching experience. 
"Today, I experienced a day that was challenging, enlightening, rewarding and unique to any other. Increasing my skills at developing connections, both personally and professionally, were met and exceeded. Your coaching skills amazed me in ways I could not have anticipated. Cheers to the pursuit of continual self-improvement and to you, Janice Hurley. If you're interested in being a better version of yourself, I highly recommend you contact Janice Hurley."

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Back Again
Do you over commit?
Optimal Presence
Hair for Women
Hair for Men
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Helpful Hints

Of course you want a stepping stool in your closet, right? If you're like me, you have one in the house that you move back and forth from one spot to another.  A brilliant suggestion from my assistant Jory was to purchase a second one...small investment and to keep it right in the closet where it is almost used daily.  Very helpful.
Back Again

Is this a "look" you're drawn to? Carefree - no fuss, no muss and comfy? If so, you're probably a fan of the clothing from Sundance.  Notice the wide flare on the bottom of these pants? This whole look is spot on from the 80's and making a comeback in some cities.  Food for thought - these pants are flattering if your thighs are on the slender side.  The cut of the pant leg is very tight around the knee and any hint of a saddle bag that you might carry will be magnified.  Just a "good to know" before you order, right?  And remember, the wider the bottom of the pant, the higher the heel so you don't look frumpy.

What happens when we over commit?
A recent client arrived for Executive Coaching with the goal of improving her interview skills.  Sharp and smart with a great career plan - she knew exactly where she wanted to go.  Three hours of coaching, using video recordings and role playing, had her feeling much more confident about the interview ahead.  When asked to list her "take aways" from the process, she let me know that NOT using her energy on areas she had no control over would make the biggest difference in her career.  She had made a mental switch on her own after listening to how "tired and frazzled" she knew herself to be.  Her intent in working with me was to learn how to hide the fact that she felt overwhelmed.  The better solution to the situation was to actually be realistic about her commitments and NOT over commit.     
Optimal Presence
We're visual people with a more critical eye than ever on what we see. With the ever present impact of on line interactions, we are exposed to higher quality photos ALL THE TIME.  When it is time to develop your marketing materials, take a headshot or conduct a webinar, RAISE THE BAR high.  If you don't, you're going to be thought of as less than your optimal.  My friend and fellow speaker Uche used multiple photos to communicate his diversity and his message.  By showing himself on such a prestigious stage, he successfully communicates his level of success and capabilities as a speaker.  Have friends or professionals - your choice - take action photos of you that you can use later as needed for the best impact. 
Hair for Women:  Braids
Braiding your hair can add amazing style to your look.  Many of us wear our hair up for work or social occasions but there is a trick or two that helps this look appear more current and attractive.  Learn to do a three strand French braid or a two strand braid through practice.  I braid my hair to work out, go out and for a more polished business look.  Hair that is newly washed does not do as well as 2nd day or 3rd day hair.  Bobby pins the same color as your hair can be used to keep your braid in place. Also, consider a hand held mirror to look at your hairstyle from a 360 advantage point is necessary.  The nice part is that there is no right or wrong way to place your braid - messy can be good - loose or tight to your head can both work.  Braiding your hair shows you put some effort into your appearance for the honor of yourself and those with whom you are spending time.  
Hair for Men: How High?  What Shape?
Many times we're confused about the answer to the question of hair length and shape for men. You might even find yourself in the hands of a stylist who also doesn't know the answer.  The back of the hair should have a gently rounded shape on the edges to follow the lines of your head.  Your stylist should extend the level down as far as they can to flatter the length of your neck and to honor the pattern of growth.  The darker your hair the quicker it will show growth.   It only takes seconds to trim the back of your neck - you can do this yourself or with the assistance from another.   You got this!
Janice's Upcoming Events
My courses at the Chicago MidWinter are SOLD OUT!  
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