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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
February 2018
FEBRUARY VIPs - Kate Willeford and Joe Kalinowski
This handsome couple decided to spend some time with me and invest in their confidence and image. Kate and Joe are both very busy professionals so it took us months to get a date on the books - but we did it!

Kate's thoughts"Joe and I recently spent 2 days with Janice as our personal shopper and absolutely love the results! I'm not much of a shopper and what I really love about learning from Janice is that she teaches me how to accomplish a goal--which is shopping more efficiently and only having clothes in my closet that make me look the way I want to look with very little daily effort. This was the fourth time I have hired Janice and I was surprised that I learned just as much from this most recent consultation as I did the last time!"

Joe's thoughts: "As I tell my clients, you can't be an expert in everything. Janice pays attention to details I have historically ignored. Janice was fun to spend the day with and I learned through the process of working with her that clothes are about how they make you feel not just the way you look. If looking more current in the process is the by-product then all the better."
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February VIPs
Thank You Notes
Hair Care - Men
To Buy or Not to Buy. . .
What's That Smell?
What to Wear?
Makeup Tips
What's New
Woman's Workshop
Thank You Notes
The key to happiness might just come in a little box. At least that's a thought I have these days - that true happiness comes from  feeling grateful. And, being grateful for what others have done for us is a gift twice given.  No doubt you wrote "thank you's" after Christmas for gifts received. My suggestion is to write a thank you or two for thoughtfulness, kindness or hospitality you have experienced from others.  Because sending something in the mail is so rare these days your efforts make it extra special to receive.  I am a fan of the cards made by Amy Gilbert.
Hair Care - Men

Make an appointment - and keep it. 
I can't tell you the number of male clients I have who do not make regular appointments with the same hair stylist and I can ALWAYS tell.  Just dropping in to the local barber or Supercuts will never get you the look you deserve.  Dr. Gary Richardson from Las Vegas was happy with the results in the hands of an expert.  Most men need a haircut every 4 weeks.  The goal is that you look great consistently - because you deserve it!   
To Buy or Not to Buy. . .
Social Media changes the way we shop. There seem to be no secrets any more from anyone with access to what we do on line.  Every time you use Google or log into other online resources you have to give them access to your email contacts and Facebook friends.  A bit disconcerting to say the least, but a stark reality.  This bag came up as a sponsored Instagram post and before I could delete it, I was researching it online.  I thought how universal it might be for both travel and casual attire.  Removing the tassel - which is in style on everything right now - would make it less busy and less casual.  The warm color of the straps and the cool grey of the bag would make it a good choice for many of us.  I didn't buy it, but I did buy 2 pairs of Reeboks that were also advertised on Instagram.  Impulse buying for sure. After I had watched my Crossfit friends and their Instagram postings, I somehow thought new shoes would help my own fitness attempts.  We'll see ☺  
What's That Smell?
I am a fan of Febreze. When it comes to Image, the only thing stronger than the visual is SMELL. Yes, how we smell and how others experience that smell impacts our daily interactions. I am a fan of Febreze fabric spray for my workout clothes. It can happen to the best of us that we notice a "lingering" smell of sweat after we have laundered our clothes. When that happens, I spray the offending area with Febreze and give it another wash. White vinegar is also a good option. If it works, hooray! If not, I toss the garment. Febreze works because of the chemical Cyclodextrin that attracts and then captures the molecules responsible for bad odors in a cage-like structure. The molecule captures the offensive odors inside the structure stopping them from reaching your nose. Febreze doesn't mask the odors, it neutralizes them. Interestingly enough Febreze was unsuccessfully marketed until it attached a smell to its product. People didn't trust something that was "invisible".


Every working professional needs a great headshot. Although it's no one's favorite activity, updating your headshot is a must for working professionals. Many larger companies have photo sessions scheduled yearly so that they can have directory updates that best represent their current team. By far, the most important aspect of taking a great photo is to "love the lens." Pull your chin forward a bit (not up) if you are trying to minimize a double chin and exaggerate your smile. Most of us think we are projecting much more happiness and comfort than we actually do in our photos.
What to Wear?
Rent your clothes.   A client and friend of mine, Jeanie, gave this service a rave review.  She wrote to say, "I love those $600 dresses but I rented 5 designer outfits for only $140.  I had a full weekend of needing to look and feel amazing - and I did." This company has 3 different category options - Unlimited, Update or Reserve.  Pieces are rented for 4-8 days with free returns and backup sizes.  You can book for tonight or for months from now.  As a speaker and image consultant, I have lots and lots of formal and semi-formal events to attend and I have pretty much used up what I already own because we take so many social media photos of ourselves.  I am definitely going to try this for my next event.

If you need help sorting out your closet and I am in your area, let's talk.  My upcoming work travel has me in the following cities:
Feb. 23 - Charlottesville, VA
Jul 19-21 - San Antonio, TX
Feb. 27-28 - Fort Pierce, FL Aug 13-14 - Sonora, CA
March 5-6 - Bakersfield, CA Aug 27-28 - Bakersfield, CA
May 7-8 - Sonora, CA Sept 13-14 - Buffalo, NY
June 4-5 - Bakersfield, CA Nov 5-6 - Sonora, CA
June 8-9 - Anaheim, CA Dec 3-4 - Bakersfield, CA
Makeup Tips
My favorite makeup remover.  You know how you have items on your Costco list that you get on every trip? On my list are these great Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes. I buy them in bulk and use them every day. I pack them with me when I travel, in addition to effectively removing my makeup, I use them with great results to remove makeup that gets on any of my clothing. I learned this trick watching a salesperson clean up a garment that had been left in the dressing room marked with makeup. Quick and handy they serve dual purposes for me.
What's New
Woman's Workshop

Take advantage of the Super Early Bird rate for 
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"I have spent the last 10 years hiding my body behind prints & jewelry. After losing 30 lbs the "look" was a habit.Janice has helped 
me see beyond the clothes and to dress for my essence. 
Thank you for your direct and caring feedback."
Workshop Attendee



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