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February VIP - Dr. Julie Kellogg
Life Categories
Everything in our lives can be divided into one of two categories. Is this something we have some control over or is it not? No control? Spend no time. These situations are usually associated with other people or weather challenges 😊 Have Control? Spend time. This area usually has something to do with ourselves.  
A delay in your flight? No control – therefore, you give it no energy unless you need to now change a flight or chose a different mode of transportation. Your college-aged child misses class enough to get a No Credit grade? Not in your control and not a good use of your time and energy to worry about it. Now if you pay for their expenses and the agreement is, they have to maintain a certain grade point average to continue…that might indeed require your attention and follow through.  

Learn to spend time where you have control to make a difference in your life so you can be a benefit to others and also to not put time or energy into the areas where you have no control. A gift in managing time for sure!
Menswear - Shirts
When checking on the fit of your clothing, you want to look from these 3 angles (pictured here) because that is how others are seeing you. The proportions of your body dictate which brand, cut and size is best suited for you. Think color AFTER you have the right fit.  This shirt is the wrong cut for this slim fit young man. You don’t need a lot of clothes, but you do need clothes that fit you well.
Bridging the gap of our communication -- I recently asked individuals that I was coaching to send me two email examples – one being a good example and the other a poor example of their written communication skills. Because I was not specific on what I thought a good or a bad email example would be, their submissions were not what I was looking for or had expected. Instead of sending me a good example of an encouraging or supportive email to their client, the idea of good or bad had to do with whether their client followed through or not. The responsibility was ALL MINE for not being more specific and giving examples of what I considered positive or negative. In my opinion, it is always the shortcomings of the trainer (not the student) that need to be reviewed when the results are less than optimal.  
The Power of Sleep
I rarely use the phrase, “life changing” but that is absolutely what this book was for me. I have always recognized the importance of sleep in my own life, but I had no idea about the science behind sleep in general. I didn't know that once you missed your 8-9 hours of needed sleep, that sleeping additional hours the next day didn’t get you “caught up”. I was not aware that children suffer greatly when they are forced to wake up earlier than they should to attend class. Who knew that when you are hospitalized – the standard practices of waking you up for labs and tests contributes to delayed recovery. The science is there but for the most part we give it no attention or credence. I also learned that ignoring the data has shocking implications.

FOCUS is my word for 2020. Although I have written and posted it as a good visual reminder, it has not made it any easier to do. I can literally start in one section of the house and move from partially unloading the dishwasher to generating an email to my assistant to brushing my teeth before I go back to packing my suitcase all in the span of 2 minutes. I am noticing that I am more and more distracted and less inclined to finish a task before my mind notices additional tasks to be done. The link below attributes lack of focus to the huge increase in distractions we all face. I am convinced it has gotten worse with aging and I continue to look for a resource addressing my suspicion.

Similarities and Contrasts
Similarities and contrasts come into play when putting an outfit together. My recent client, Dr. Cathy Quas purchased a quality black suit that she will have for years. Investing in pieces that are classic and solid in color are always your best bet.  The leopard print, spaghetti strap camisole is a good contrast to the conservative suit. The pink pearls match the background color of the camisole and are contrasting in shape to make this outfit fresh and interesting. A three-quarter sleeve jacket, with no lapels, is youthful and flattering. Her busy hair color and shape are also a contrast to the solid colored suit jacket and the overall colors, considered “cool” on the color palette, are perfect for her skin and hair tones.   
Where's Janice -- Spring 2020
Spring Image Workshop - For Women Only!
April 9-10, 2020 in Carlsbad, CA
Image Workshop - April 2020
In this 2-day workshop, you will get personal feedback from Janice and learn to:
  • Put together your BEST ever wardrobe
  • Enhance your image with jewelry, belts and scarves
  • Understand the impact of “color” and makeup
  • Make a “shopping list” to complete your wardrobe
  • Fit a jacket and slacks for your body shape
  • Find your best assets and learn how to play them up!
"Janice is amazing at what she does! So intuitive, creative, brilliant! I will carry this time and my experience from this workshop with me forever! And not just the expertise of image, but the lessons, and life advice, I have been able to apply to my life and work immediately. Highly recommend for anyone!" 
Jessica Anderson - Workshop Attendee    
Only 2 spaces remain!
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