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Our economists believe the pace of recovery will be driven by what they're calling the immunity gap (the percentage of the population who don't have immunity to the virus) and the reluctance gap (the percentage of the population who will be hesitant to reengage in economic activity). The faster these gaps shrink, the sharper the recovery. No doubt there is little surprise when we hear that health outcomes will drive consumer behavior and in turn recovery. 

It’s worth the effort on your part when getting on your Zoom calls to look like you’re feeling good about doing business today. Check out this before & after of, Rick Willeford CPA, founder of Dentametrix. The lighting, background, camera angle, and his posture were changed to give him a showstopping transformation. Just look at his confidence!


This table could be a great addition. Many times, we appreciate a moveable table for our Zoom meetings in order to get at eye level with our camera. As great as this table looks, it would actually be in the worst position for your Zoom calls. The outside natural light is not strong enough to light your face optimally and you might think you didn’t need a ring light. My advice: invest in a high-quality ring light. My favorite is DivaRingLight from Nebula. It has numerous options to raise or bend the light and it's highly versatile.


Is it time for a new headshot for your company, website, or social media? Having the background light, airy, and out of focus can be cheerful and attractive. Bright solid colors are my favorite for professional photos. Keep in mind, your headshots don’t always have to be centered. My recommendation is to hire a professional photographer that specializes in headshots. We don’t need a lot of photos, we just need current ones large enough for your website and a few smaller ones for social media.
The Half French Tuck – both men and women are using this technique to partially tuck in their shirt. Doing so allows you to avoid fully tucking in a shirt that is too long or has too much bulk. A half tuck lets your legs look longer and you can pull it out a bit for the best effect. This photo is from the Netflix series, Queer Eye. I have become a big fan of how welcoming they are to others who truly seem to be lost when it comes to organizing their lives. They also work hard to dress their clients in accordance with the clients true preferences.
Recently, I was interviewed by, Renee Knight, from Revenuewell. I have so many clients who thoroughly enjoy the patient communication tools of Revenuewell. It is absolutely essential that you know how your patients want to hear from you via text, email, or phone call. Make sure your patient paperwork asks what would be their first and second choice. I wrote on confidence and resilience in Revenuewell’s most recent ebook. Having a really clear mindset for 2021 strongly affects how much we will enjoy our time and how effective we can be. Some days are easier than others. Some days it takes all we can do to keep moving. Either way, you are not alone. You are not alone.

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Who would have thought that being lonely would be listed as the number 1 predictor of poor health? Worse than smoking or not exercising, feeling lonely or isolated can age you and contribute to poor health. I found over 40 different articles written in the last 4 years about the damage isolation can do to your health both physically and mentally. If you find yourself calling others less frequently, or if you multitask when you do get a phone call rethink what is happening. True connection is a gift you can give others and one that you too receive as a benefit. Sometimes you have to work a little bit at finding your “tribe”.

Cardigan sweaters can be a great pop of color to your wardrobe and also a casual more comfortable option than a jacket or blazer. This sweater has ribbon running down one side of the sweater to keep it from stretching. Unfortunately, the other side of the sweater does not have ribbon for structure and it stretched. The end result was it needed to be thrown away due to gaps around the buttons. This was particularly disappointing for me because I love the color and it was not noticeably worn. Sometimes we have “favorite” clothes that no longer serve us. A sweater stretched out on just one side met that “worn out” criteria – it had to go.

Our Zoom Workshops have been a huge success! Five Workshops are SOLD OUT and 2 have limited spots available. We have openings for you on February 16 & 24.  
I read a recent Twitter post that said: “In the Zoom preferences there is an option to, "Touch up my appearance,” so don’t be alarmed if I look HOT in our conference call”. What made me chuckle was that its author was a young man. There are so many options available to make your Zoom calls more comfortable. Register www.janicehurley.com and save your spot.
Pastures of Grace

This pork is fantastic! No doubt I am a bit biased as it comes from my daughter’s ranch. I get to see how pampered these pigs are and then experience the amazing quality. They also offer starter for sour dough bread. They are committed to supporting Foster families. They recently adopted 4 year old twin boys that have lived with them for 2 years. Your purchase supports Foster Care as they give back. Click on their website to see what I am talking about www.pasturesofgrace.com
Circles & Squares...
Another Favorite.
We found this clothing company at a San Diego Farmer’s market. The shirts are really soft and the art on the shirts, cards, face masks, and other items are eclectic. I own this shirt and I love it. My grandchildren love these shirts too. This is a great small company to support and enjoy their quality products.