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2014 can bring you such joy when your actions follow your goals. 
Make 2014 the year you follow through instead of just wishing.
~~Janice Hurley


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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
January 2014

VIP Jessica Burns       

VIP Jessica Burns, Div I college student and rower, is just a delight.  We worked together last month.  Jesse was patient and upbeat through the full-day process and was well liked by everyone that worked with her.   At the end of the day, her two favorite things were her new eyebrows and her black boots.  Like so many of us, Jessica is challenged with larger calves.  She had always wanted the higher boots but hadn't been able to find the right style or brand. She was more than willing to trim off about 8 inches of thin, damaged hair when she saw she could get more volume with less hair.  She also understood that a tall, leather boot, in the same color as the skinny jeans that she chose, would slenderize her legs and draw attention to her beautiful face.
In This Issue
Meet Our VIP
Menswear: Common Mistakes
Accessorizing: Your Purse
Awkward Moments At Work
Are You Insecure?
Mix Patterns With Confidence
Being Happy


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Menswear:  Common Mistakes     

I am often asked what the most common mistakes are that men make in terms of their clothes
and appearance.  No matter how many clients I continue to work with, the answer remains the same:  Men are very reluctant to let go of clothes that are either too large or have gone out of style.  When asking the client why they are still holding on to an unflattering item, most often the response is,  "It's still got a couple of wears in it".  There is no way to tell if an item in your closet should stay or go unless you try it on and stand back while looking in a full length mirror.  The shoulders of the shirt should meet the shoulders of your body. The width of the sleeve, in any style shirt, should be narrow enough to make your arms look as long as possible.  If you are slim and fit, be sure to try on clothes with a European cut or "slim-fit" listed on the label. 

Accessorizing:  Your Purse   

Choosing the right purse
- Both of these bags are the right size and proportion for my client, Kate Willeford.  The larger the bag is in proportion to your body - the smaller it will make your body look.  Having a shoulder strap on your bag is a common favorite for busy women.  However, you won't know if the shoulder strap is a good fit until you put some weight in the bag.  A bag left empty can often feel as though the strap won't stay in place.  Most women understand the value of different shoes for different outfits but many women make the mistake of using only one bag no matter the outfit or the event. In putting your outfit together - stand back and look in a full length mirror and choose the right bag as your accessory each day.

Awkward Moments At Work 

It has happened to all of us - those times when we know someone has crossed
the line in terms of touch or verbal communication in the workplace.  What do you do? My advice would be to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. In this photo, hands placed on both shoulders just feels "wrong" to this woman and she knows it. To stop this inappropriate touch, shrug your shoulders up to move his hands or physically stand as soon as possible. Office ranking makes no difference in the response.  You should never have to dread being around others at work.

Are You Insecure?  

ONE COMMON SIGN of insecurity 
is the need to be "right".  It manifests itself at home or at work by correcting others or needing to always sound like the voice of authority on every subject. Your success and happiness depends on how others perceive and treat you.  Take some time to notice how often you correct others when it is not crucial to have the right answer.  If your husband is telling a story and he says it was Wednesday of last week when it rained and you know it was Tuesday, don't correct him unless he asks.  Offering unsolicited advice is another common sign of an individual's insecurity -- it makes them feel important.   My husband and I made a rule that we weren't going to give our adult children advice until they asked us.  LOL It's been about 3 years now......no advice needed.

Mix Patterns With Confidence    


Stripes next to polka dots - no problem.  The key is to make sure the textures are contrasting when you start layering.  This black and white jacket has a pattern but because the colors are neutral, my client Meghann, could have chosen just about any flattering, colored scarf  to add with her warm jacket.  Buying solid or neutral jackets allow you lots of choices in blouse or scarf selections.  I buy scarves and blouses in colors that flatter the colors of my face. Make your black, navy or brown coat look new and exciting each season, and almost each wear, using scarves as accessories. 


Being Happy   

Charismatic People Are Happy People - and we are drawn to their side.  The universal trait that exists in all of my clients, whether they spend time with me for Executive Coaching or Image Coaching, is that everyone wants to feel important.  They want to be perceived as likeable and to have value.  So which comes first?  Being likeable? Or being happy?  I don't know.  What I do know for sure though is that grateful people are happy people and we are drawn towards others that bring with them the light of optimism and a heart of gratitude. 

"There are many things for which we cannot be grateful, but there is no moment for which we cannot be grateful, because in every moment, even difficult ones, we have the opportunity to do something."     Brother David Steindl-Rast





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