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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
January 2015
It All Counts 

When we think of professional attire, we tend to focus on just the clothes we wear to workBut, in fact, it all counts. Every time someone comes into contact with us they are assessing how well we present ourselves.  Strive to look as ATTRACTIVE and SUCCESSFUL as possible on a consistent basis - and this certainly includes our casual times.  Our bodies change and pants are the least forgiving article of clothing we probably have.  It can be tempting to think that just because our pants zip they fit without taking a look from behind.....no pun intended. Jeans, the right jeans, can flatter and be one of the most versatile articles of clothing in your closet.  Styles change and they change by areas of the country.  But in most cases, the bigger, baggier jean is less flattering and less professional than a dark wash and fitted jean.
In This Issue
It All Counts
Upcoming Speaking Events
What Is Important To Them?
What Makes You Happy?
Your Email Signature
Letting Go
Virtual Coaching
Website Makeover!
Upcoming Speaking Events



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Thursday, March 19

Phoenix Convention Center

Up Front and Personal 

Unravel Your Patient's Psyche 

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The Texas Meeting

Fri. & Sat., May 8 & 9

San Antonio, TX

How to Look Like a Million 

Optimal Image Impact  

Effective Treatment Presentation
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What Is Important To Them?

That question or the answer to that question should be the primary focus for all of us when we are interacting with others.   Because, unless we show the needed attention to the answer of that question, we are just guessing at trying to meet someone else's needs.   We end up wasting time and sometimes offending someone with whom we are trying to make a connection.  And, as obvious as that statement might seem, it is rarely....and I mean rarely the #1 focus as it should be.  Instead, the two most common thoughts we seem to want to focus on are:
  1. Let me tell you how much I know and who I am......
  2. Let me tell you what is important to me and we will focus on you later......
A very important communication skill to develop is to really listen to the first sentence or two that you speak when communicating with others.  You are setting the tone right away to make the listener either feel comfortable and valued or just a recipient of your emotional needs.  I don't care if you are selecting a website developer or a nanny - if they don't first ask you what is important to you - move on.

What Makes You Happy?  What Brings You Joy?

You really are the only one that can determine the answer to that question.
I believe that we are the only one responsible for our happiness.  No one else can read our mind nor are they responsible for our happiness.  I like and appreciate nice things - I always have.  My mom tells the story of my outlook on shopping while in high school.  She said I always wanted what was unique and higher quality.   Therefore, when each of us 3 girls were given $50 for our clothing allowance, my sisters came home with 4 outfits and I came home with only two.  Buyers remorse? No, not at all. I knew what I liked and what I liked wasn't the same thing that my mom, or my sisters, liked.  Not a problem.  What is a problem is if we like something, and are fortunate enough to own it but don't take the time to enjoy it.  

This is my table right now at home.  It is set with china that I haven't used in 15 years and sterling silver that I don't use often enough. I was prompted by the napkins that my son gave me for Christmas and now I'm enjoying this table adornment.  Many times we have things we enjoy tucked away for "special occasions."  Isn't today special enough?

Your Email Signature

What does your email signature say about you?  Email etiquette, including the importance of paying attention to how quickly you respond and how well you present yourself, takes a larger precedence every day.  Having a signature with all the information that your recipient would need to know about you is very helpful.

Make sure that you don't have the font too large such that it looks like you think you're too important but large enough to read your logo.  Should you choose to use a photo, select one that is in proportion to the rest of your communication.

Letting Go

My well worn, "down to a penny-a-wear" handbag has led a good life but.......it's time to let go. This neutral color bag was used again and again because it held so much and because it blended so well with summer clothing. Because it was not made from real leather the bag did not cost very much. But, this man-made material cannot be repaired. The plastic has pulled away from the hardware by the handle and there is no way to fix that. The reason I bring this up is that often times our very favorite items are the ones that are so well worn from use and also very, very hard to part with. Look at some of your favorite jackets and check to see if there are wear patterns on the elbows or your favorite ties - are they looking a bit limp or perhaps stained? It really does not matter how much you love that accessory or clothing item - if it is not serving you well - let it go.


Virtual Coaching

Take advantage of the opportunity to have me right there next to you. Send me photos of yourself and we can talk about how you want to be perceived in your current work environment and where you think you might now be falling short. 

Meet Marianne.  This young woman's employer, a doctor in Georgia, invests in each of his new team members by using me as their virtual consultant.  Many of us already have a business suit, but we're not sure what it would take to make it look current and polished.   Marianne sent me pictures of the clothes she was wearing each day of the week, we had a phone conference and then she went shopping.  She was an excellent student and is a great example of someone who might want to choose dresses over pants.  
There are 5 changes that we made in the first two images (before and after). Can you spot all 5?
Website Makeover! 

Check out the new look of my website at janicehurley.com. Can you find the bunny ears?!  Many thanks to Pat Lee and Heather Sasser at VideoEnvy for their great work!  




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