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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
January 2016
VIP Dr. Gary Richardson

My recent client, Dr Gary Richardson, is the epitome of professional success in the dental arena.  His highly successful practice has an unmatched staff retention rate and a stellar yearly production (as a pediatric dentist working out of only 4 operatories) that is almost unheard of.  Dr. Richardson will reward his team this year with a Caribbean Cruise and he is delighted to do so.

So why did he seek out my services? Certainly not to help him with his dental practice but rather to have his visual image match his professional success.  This photo of Dr Richardson was taken in 2013 and I quickly had something to say about possible changes. 
He was open, receptive and a delight to work with throughout our day together in his home city of Las Vegas. 

The two biggest areas of change were hair and the fit of clothing.  We created a more current hairstyle - letting go of the "wet look" and allowing the back to be a bit longer in length. We also found clothes that fit and flattered.  In the photo to the left,  I am showing Mrs. Richardson just how tight a proper jean fit would be for her husband.  The doctor's response to our time together --  "Thank you - thank you - thank you."
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VIP Dr. Gary Richardson
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Know the Why
Photos That Are Interesting
Shoe Tips
Clothing Stores
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You Have to Know the Why
When making your resolutions and goals for 2016 you REALLY have to know and hold on to the WHY.  "Why" is this resolution or goal important to you? If you haven't dug deep into what emotionally your end results will do for you - you are more likely to fail.  And please, please don't think that announcing your goals to the world via Twitter or Facebook, without a written plan on what changes you are going to make and when, will guarantee success -- it won't.  There is no good or bad WHY- no right or wrong WHY ... your reason - if it is strong enough, is the right WHY.  But dig deep, really deep, into your values and to what emotionally has meaning for you. This will increase your odds of success when the action items on your list look long.  Hold on to the reason for WHY you are doing "the work".

What do you do with belts that are too big? Sometimes we have belts that we either bought too large or they've become too large. And, we know that "just the right belt" can be a hard find or take a bite out of the budget.  So, what do we do when they no longer fit?  My suggestion is that you take them to your local shoe repair shop and have them shortened.  Belts are properly shortened when they are shortened from the buckle end of the belt.  A proper fitting belt is when you are securing the belt on the middle hole. For example, most have 5 eyelets...your belt fits when you are using the 3rd eyelet.  All five of these belts are on their way to be shortened.  It's a bit of an investment but without doing so they are unusable. 
Photos That Are Interesting

No doubt you are using photos more and more to promote your business through social media via Instagram, Facebook or digital newsletters.  
The best photos are those that others find interesting or compelling.  This doctor with patient photo is perhaps more interesting than if both parties were looking straight at the camera.  The doctor's attention to his patient shows care and respect (with his arm around her shoulder) and where he is focusing his attention.  Go for a little variety in your photos.
Shoe Tips

OK -- Which foot is wider?  Most of us would say the foot on the left looks wider than the foot on the right. And while these feet belong to the same person, one does look more narrow than the other. The reason is due to the shape and coloring of the shoe.  The toe box on the right will slenderize the foot because it is solid in color and not broken up with stripes or rounded at the toe and, it is darker in color.  If you want to look taller with slimmer feet - go for a longer, slender toe box in every shoe you purchase.

Clothing Stores
CHICO'S  - Choose wisely.  The store Chico's is good at attracting women of all ages. Their bright, colorful, and glittery displays can draw us in. But be careful.  Many of their selections might just be too "old" for you.  Be mindful of the goal.  And even still - approach the store knowing that much of their clothing should be left to the older crowd.

These two outfits were in the window of a San Diego Chico's store.  IF you had a broad back and thicker arms, the jacket on the right might be a good choice because it would hit you at the waistline in the back and create a longer line in the front - which would be flattering.

The outfit on the left would NOT be flattering unless you were at least 5'10" and had slim, slim legs and a flat stomach because that vest is going to make you look short and wide.

Chico's has a large selection of jewelry.  Be mindful of your choices by avoiding the plastic jewelry and selecting a better quality.  Another option would be to check out your local artisans at Farmers Markets or local galleries.  Think quality - not quantity.  Think natural substance - not plastic.




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