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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
January 2018
JANUARY VIP - Dr. Bethany Valachi
Bethany had a request for me that I usually answer with, "That's not how I work." She requested that I fly from San Diego to Portland to help her clean out her closet.  She didn't give up or change her request and she was right when she said, "I have tons of clothes in my closet that need your help."  Bethany did not need my services to shop - she needed my help in getting rid of "old school" and unflattering clothing pieces (no matter how new or old they were age wise). Current, relative, interesting, and attractive - these are the adjectives that now describe this brilliant authority on ergonomics in the dental industry.  Bethany recently posted on Facebook her thoughts on the experience:

"A HUGE thank you to Janice for finding the gems in my closet and putting them together in beautiful & amazing ways that I would have never dreamed of! Thanks also for helping me ditch the 'dinosaurs' in my closet. LOL I wish I had hired you 20 years ago! Well done."
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January VIP
Hair Care
Woman's Workshop
What Does It Mean?
When Pain Can Serve You
Future of Dentistry
Where's Janice?
The Shirt Organizer.  The goal for any of us that travel is to simplify the process while still getting a good result when we unpack.  Men certainly have the advantage of simplicity when it comes to packing since the majority of what they need are shirts and pants but challenges ever for them remain.  Taking a minute to order a shirt organizer will make your life easier and you will certainly get cost-per-use if you travel more than twice a year.  This organizer is simple and easy to share with other family members as well.  Eagle Creek clothing organizer is a favorite brand.    
Hair Care
I have made a hair product switch and it's working really well.  Like many things, it came from a recommendation from someone I trust so I tried it over time. I like this company and their product for many reasons; 

1) My hair looks healthier and has more shine, 

2) I use less product and the cost is about one-fourth of what I was paying for my other products; and 

3) It supports other women in their entrepreneurial goals.  

My source is Sloan McNulty -  phone 682-552-3900 (she is great at answering your questions) 
or email sloanmcnulty@mymonat.com.  I take advantage of the travel sizes whenever offered.  
Woman's Workshop

Take advantage of the Super Early Bird rate for our Fall workshop in September.  This extraordinary special ends on March 1st - Don't wait!  Click here for more information and to register.

"I have spent the last 10 years hiding my body behind prints & jewelry. After losing 30 lbs the "look" was a habit.Janice has helped me see beyond the clothes and to dress for my essence. Thank you for your direct and caring feedback."
Workshop Attendee
What Does It Mean?
A glass of wine, a favorite cocktail -- what do they mean to you?   Do they mean a celebration, a special occasion, relaxation, a treat?  I think they can be all those things...in fact, they are WHATEVER value or meaning you attach to them. Over the last 4 months, I had increased the amount of alcohol I was consuming because I associated it with a "special occasion".  Not hard to do when you are newly dating or going through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.  Come January 1st, I decided to eliminate (for a month) all bread, desserts and alcohol.  What I quickly learned was that I did best when I could substitute what I thought was the celebration drink with something else.  I needed a fancy glass, color and bubbles.  When I had that, I felt less deprived and the days went by quickly.  I will let you know what February looks like.
When Pain Can Serve You
I recently cancelled an appointment with my book editor - something I NEVER do.  The agreement between me and myself is that if it is "on the books" I do it.  But I cancelled because I was unprepared.  The pain of facing my lack of follow through was strong - really strong and it served me well.  I made the follow up appointment and blocked off 2 full days to prepare what should have been done previously and it got done. Pain can work for you when you recognize what you could have done differently to avoid it.  Unfortunately, that same pain will be felt yet again if we do nothing to change.  
I Don't Know. . .

. . .would this dress look good on you?   Let's start with the color, it is a jewel tone dress which is universally complimentary.  The color would go well with slate grey or burgundy for our cooler months when you might need a jacket, and in the warmer months with a white or bright yellow button down sweater. Just please don't add any true red lest you be mistaken for our flag.  Shape wise this dress flatters those who have full legs and hips with a small waist.  Large busted women can wear this dress with a pendant necklace to create that flattering V shape in the front.  You would want to pay attention to your shoe selection and jewelry so this look would not lean toward matronly.  If your legs are on the slim side or you are younger than 50, probably something else would be a better option.  You could dress this up or dress it down.

Future of Dentistry

Event begins January 29, 2018
Where's Janice?

You can find Janice in the following cities in the first half of 2018:

January 18-19
Wichita, KS

January 29-30
Oak Ridge, NC

February 12-13
Sonora, CA

February 23
Charlottesville, VA

February 27-28
Fort Pierce, FL

March 5-6
Bakersfield, CA

April 19-20
San Diego, CA

May 7-8
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June 4-5
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