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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
January 2019
January VIP - Jodie Pearson

"It's true - people either like what they see or they don't and, after hearing Janice's presentation at the ADMC meeting, I realized I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. It was an ah ha moment. I was set out to make an impression in the dental industry and promptly decided that image was an important piece of that plan. Knowledge is power and now knowing what I learned from Janice, I knew it was time to invest in myself. 

That day with Janice changed me forever. The most important result for me was personal. I now LOVE getting dressed and accessorizing! I have changed my hair and love putting on eyebrows! Professionally, I feel I have made the impression in the industry that I was set out to make. I believe many know who I am and what I stand for and this has opened many doors and opportunities to further my career."

To read Jodie's full testimonial letter, click here.

In This Issue
January VIP
Shopping for Gifts
Personal Space
Dressy Attire
Treat Yourself
Before & After / Workshop Special
Upcoming Speaking Event
Shopping for Gifts
Score!! What does it take to successfully shop for others? I would venture to say (from experience) that it takes more time than money to make someone feel special with your thoughtfulness. Holidays and birthdays can be challenging times when it comes to gift giving. Here are 4 hard and fast rules.
  1. Make it as personal as possible...something in their color or area of interest
  2. Make sure it is wrapped so the experience of initially seeing the exterior shows that thought was put in to the packaging/wrapping. That means when ordering online, it should be sent to your home first for gift wrapping and not sent to the receiver directly. 
  3. Include a handwritten note about the special occasion. 
  4. Make sure it arrives on time.

Personal Space
Step Back Please - Unless your goal is intimidation, being "in your face" with the person you're communicating with, doesn't work well.  Successful people understand how others are experiencing them. They know that as soon as the interaction takes on the tone of conflict, the other person HAS to be on the defense.  People that feel threatened are not comfortable enough to tell you how they really feel, or what it is they will actually change or not change, on your request.  This less-than-open-handed body language, coupled with standing closer than is comfortable, will translate to aggression every time.  Breathing through your nose and taking a series of deep breaths before you speak always works to calm down our nervous system.
Dressy Attire
Sleeveless tops or dresses are often considered more dressy than something with sleeves.  The deciding factor on how dressy a top is has to do with the pattern and quality of the fabric and it's adornment. This dress is more festive when it is not worn with the leather jacket close by. Age, health and fitness, plus genetics, determine whether our arms are a feature to showcase.   Clothing and undergarments that are not too tight will help avoid any overlap on the sides.

Treat Yourself
I spoil myself - it's true. I often indulge myself in purchases that are "over the top" -- like these red heels.  What makes them work is the comfort factor.  Also, the fact they are an orange-red, which is my color, and they flatter my legs.  What is short sighted about this shoe is the fact that it is suede and it will not wear well over any length of time.  And, while shoes can be an obvious way for us to spoil ourselves, I am more likely to spoil myself in quite a different manner.  I leave early for all meetings so I can treat myself to low stress, I expect less of others so I am rarely disappointed, I don't take things personally (if I am not invited or not included in a party or event), I share my time with friends who have my same moral compass and truly are present when we are together. Shoes are nice. . .but not my happy place.
Microblading - I did it! My eyebrows have been getting more thin over time.  I was spending a lot of time trying to "put them on" in the morning with wax, powder and pencil, only to have them fade as the day wore on.  I had been watching the evolution of microblading eyebrows over the last two years and I am delighted with the results.  I researched a tattoo artist who had years of experience and who was clear about the benefits and limitations.  Of course, choosing the right person was key.  I found The Brow Suite through Instagram.
Before & After - Workshop Attendees

These two dynamos spent time with me in September at our Image Enhancement Workshop for Women Only. They returned to their dental practice with a keen understanding of their body type, a winning formula for dressing and shopping, and a new sense on the value of portraying their "very best" at work.  

We have just 2 spots left for our next workshop!
March 7-8, 2019 
in beautiful San Diego  
Treat yourself 
to take advantage of the
(Offer Ends January 15, 2019)
Upcoming Speaking Event
Come check out my course:  How to Look Like a Million at Star of the North
April 25 to April 27, 2019



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