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A new year for new beginnings! Lots of you have made new years resolutions, and I too am one to think positive and plan out my year with measurable goals and high expectations. The first of the year is a "new slate." We look back on how the past year started, developed, and how it wrapped up. This next year I am excited to focus on CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE!!! Two very positive and powerful characteristics that I can't wait to improve on.

Clients sign up for three sessions over a 4 week period and we make their goals a reality. If you’ve thought about doing it – now just might be the time.

This is Kevin Kauffman, and his beautiful, busy wife, Tricia. We spent time together to reach her goal of “getting excited to go in my closet,” and, “weeding out what just doesn’t work.” With her really busy active lifestyle as a mother of two, I introduced her to the brands, Title Nine and Kuhls. Those worked really well for her. As she said: “I looked better and still felt like me.” 
Her husband who surprised her with this birthday gift had this to say: 

You have more than just the easily recognized 5 senses. More than smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight – you have other DNA driven traits. You are born with an awareness or sometimes lack of awareness of time. We’re all affected by outside stimulus when guessing how much time has passed and we certainly think time drags on if we’re bored or uncomfortable, but innately you have an internal awareness of time that may be less or greater than others around you. 
This green screen option has a couple of things I like. It’s portable and it folds up to save room. Folded it’s only 19" across and takes up very little space. It easily fits across the back of my chair with straps that stretch. I don’t always use a green screen, but when I do, this one works very well to reduce the pixelation down to almost zero. The limitations are the width and securing it to cover the area behind you. The capabilities of your computer and the version of your operating system determine whether you can do a virtual background with or without a green screen. Newer versions of both are more conducive to good virtual background results. 

Our next Zoom Image Workshops are next month. February 10th and February 24th. Our first 3 Zoom Workshops SOLD OUT in less than a week! With the reality of working or going to school virtually still on hand, this is relevant for so many. You’ll learn what you need to know about lighting, camera, audio, and screen presence. Reserve your spot today www.janicehurley.com
My number one focus and my wish for you as well is that we take care of our mental health. This has always been important to me, but particularly now that I recognize avoiding anxiety and depression would require smart choices. My suggestion is to be wise in deciding what you give your time and your thoughts to. Anything we have no control over is not where we want our minds to go. When possible, decide you will switch to thinking of something else when you find yourself thinking of something that makes you sad or frustrated. Sometimes it helps to have a “go to” good thought. Claim your own “go to” good thought.

I’d like to illustrate 2 points with this photo of my attire this morning. My dog gets 3 walks a day and the first one is early morning and chilly for me. I want to encourage you to make purchases that have COLOR. Resist falling into the temptation of black. Color is cheerful and when you have the right colors for you, you’ll see that you repeat that color in numerous selections. I am drawn to golden tones so without thinking, my sunglasses and my jacket will, “go” together. In your pairings strive to have items “go” together not “match”.  
Connecting with your patients via Zoom is going to continue as consults and confirmations of treatment can be accomplished safely and efficiently. Please be sure to honor your patients by making sure your Zoom image is your best. Putting in the effort to understand lighting and backdrop are doable and they have a big impact. Notice the light color of their backdrop and that they are not up against a muddy white wall. The lightness in their background can only be accomplished when there is separate lighting on that area or when the background is consistently light in appearance because it is a virtual background. Your patients will appreciate being able to connect with your easy to view screen appearance. A separate camera is needed to get the best lighting results and to gain natural eye contact.
I fail miserably at drinking enough water. I know I should, and I really, really try… however, plain water seems to be consumable by me in a fragment of what is needed. My dehydration is so prevalent that I was required by my physician to do my labs again because she felt they were not accurate due to my being dehydrated. SOLUTION for me… I now add orange flavoring to my water. Immunityaidgo Zero Sugar – it has no caffeine but provides Zinc and Vitamins A, C, D3 and magnesium.