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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley-Trailor
July 2014

VIP Client - Shelley Renee     

What a treat - I get to work with the nicest people and that is especially true for this month's VIP, Shelley Renee. Traveling from New York, Shelley was a long way from home but she loved the result and was happy she made the trip.

In Shelley's words:  "I had wanted to "treat myself" to Janice's care for many years and never allowed it - even going so far as to schedule an appointment only to cancel a few weeks later.  Lacking the necessary confidence and polished look that my job requires, I finally scheduled the visit.  Yes, I was expecting a transformation, but never did I expect the depth of Janice's work. Within minutes she called me out on the negative thoughts I harbored regarding my body image and self-esteem.  She taught me to "really see" the truth regarding all the body parts I felt were horrible and should be hidden.  Gradually throughout the day she rebuilt my image in layers - correcting first my beliefs, then on to the undergarments and finally the "frosting", clothing, hair and make-up.  By the end of the day it felt like I had gone through a total body exfoliation! Old beliefs were shed along with the tired beat up look that had been my normal.  Thank you Janice for revealing the potential in me."  
In This Issue
VIP Client - Shelley Renee
Executive Coaching
Know Your Stores
Airplane Etiquette
What Makes Someone Charismatic?
Summer Wear Dos and Don'ts
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Executive Coaching - Common Mistake   

I have an Executive Coaching client that needs help because he does not understand this one, very simple success truth:  It's about THEM not you.

Having interacted several times with this executive before he contacted me, I knew exactly where we needed to start. A common, but deadly, mistake is to think that your best marketing tool is to tell your potential client how fabulous you are.  Second to that, is making them believe you know more than they do.  It would seem to make sense that they would want to hire you if you knew more about, let's say, technology, website development or financial planning, right?  Sure, but not at the expense of making this first encounter all about YOU, your success and how much you can dominate the conversation.  And men, look closely at how you view women.  Your actions will come from your belief system and treating women in business as "less than" in this day and age is a real deal breaker.

Know Your Stores -- H&M   

This store is known for young, trendy and inexpensive clothing. 
My sister-in-law, Mariko Haugen, is wearing a purchase from last year that she said she knowingly purchased for "just one season".  The elastic is starting to wear out but overall she got more than 30 wears from this garment that cost less than $15.00.   Cost per wear?  50 cents a wear.  The hitch:  If you're at all hard on clothes or, if your body doesn't have the shape of a 30 year old (or younger), clothing from this retailer can be challenging.  Also, if you need a quality look for work they might not be your best choice.  They do recycle - the Swedish retailer collects clothing of any brand and in any condition in white and green boxes in their stores. Switzerland's I:Collect AG buys the garments and, depending on quality, either resells them or gives them new life in cleaning cloths or stuffed toys.  This great idea came from a PR back lash when they were caught shredding unsold clothes instead of recycling them.

Airplane Etiquette

  1. Don't talk on your cell phone once you have boarded.
  2. Observe boarding etiquette and get up from your seat if you are on the outside aisle and someone needs the window or center seat.
  3. Don't drink too much - which for most flights means no more than two drinks whether in First Class or Coach.
  4. Be gracious when someone offers to help you put your suitcase overhead.  Let them - even when you know you can do it yourself.
  5. Do not use your poor captured seatmate as your therapist.  Don't tell them your troubles and don't talk unless spoken to after the first greeting.
  6. Don't watch porn or overly violent movies on this shared flight.  Seriously - everyone can see.
  7. Exit the plane row by row - notice others around you.  Gather your items to be ready as quickly as possible. If someone graciously lets you go before them - say "thank you very much" and give eye contact with your smile. 

What Makes Someone Charismatic and Likable?  

They use these phrases in response to your remarks :

"Good idea..."
"Good information"
"Good to know"
"Sounds good"

They make you feel smart, interesting and knowledgeable.  And, in turn, you like to be around them. In business, you will find yourself more likely to say "yes" to them and often have no idea the verbal skills they used in the process.  Charismatic people are also great listeners - and many times dyslexic.  Yes......the challenge of dyslexia taught them at an early age to listen closely to what was being said for better understanding.  The verbal communication was going to be more helpful to them than anything written so they learned to listen early on.  Oh and yes.......they have great smiles!!!

Summer Wear Dos and Don'ts  

  Don't Make One Of These Classic Summer Work-Wear Mistakes  

"With July 4 behind us, summer is in full swing, and with it the need-at least in many parts of the country-to trudge to and from work through waves of oppressive heat. Happily, office dress codes tend (officially or unofficially) to loosen when temperatures spike, as employers and employees alike try to minimize the sweaty discomforts of the season. Some of us simply shed layers of clothing. Others jump at the opportunity to pull out seersucker suits and white pants from the back of their closets."    Donna Rosato, Senior Writer for MONEY Magazine

Janice was one of the contributors to this article.  Read more . . . 





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