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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
July 2015
Mother / Daughter Love
Danielle Gordon has used my services in the past for a closet makeover and shopping for herself. She contacted me recently on behalf of her mom. Danielle's mom, Diane, was about to celebrate a landmark birthday and Danielle wanted to gift her mom with a consultation and some new clothes. What a thoughtful gift!  

We scheduled time for Diane and I and before our meeting, Diane cut and colored her hair. It was light and a bit on the short side. Not the best look to flatter her skin tone or face shape. More importantly, it did not provide the look Diane had imagined. She wanted to overall image to reflect "SPUNKY."

I got brave and asked Diane if we could extend our time together and make a trip to the salon to darken her hair color and style it a bit differently - off her face to create the desired oval shape. Diane was agreeable and said, "I'm game...do what you do." So glad I did!!


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Mother/Daughter Love
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Business Attire
Just For Men
The Corporate World
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Business Attire -- Day to Evening

Cocktail Attire for Business Situations Can Be Challenging.
  Many times the outfit you wore during the work day can be changed out with different accessories and shoes to make it perfect for the business cocktail time. There are other times when it may require a separate item besides an accessory or pair of shoes.  That's why I strive for 4 elements in selecting evening attire for my business interactions.

General Guidelines
  1. Dresses should be knee length and no shorter. Do not show any cleavage.  
  2. Color - black is not flattering on my skin tone so I try to avoid that in my clothing options, plus I like color and having something a bit different
  3. High quality - low cost.  I am always on the lookout for evening attire that is on sale or in discount stores.  This Max Mara dress shown here unfortunately did not meet criteria #3, but I did get a lot of wear from it in numerous situations, personally and professionally, often changing out the shoes and accessories to make it look fresh each time.
  4. Flowy and full evening pants with tops that are on the bare side also work well.  Showing off your back, arms and shoulders is absolutely acceptable in evening attire when the bottom half is in flowy pants or skirts.  Just remember, again, no cleavage.
Just For Men

Barrel chested men can be gorgeous, right!?
  They work hard in the gym to get that prominent set of pecs, but they have to be equally diligent about wearing clothes that will then flatter their physique.  Barrel chested men (like women with a large back or bust line) want to put darker colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom, when possible.  Men who are barrel chested look good in shirts or sweaters that have minimal pattern. Wearing shoes with a heavy weight to them help balance out their large upper half.  This man does not want to wear a thin soled shoe when he can carry off a shoe with more substance.  The rise on his flat front pants create a perfect fit.  The "rise" is measured from the waist to the middle inseam of the pant, and gives his legs a longer look. 

His oblong sunglasses flatter his round face.  In general, when choosing the shape for your sunglasses, look for a shape that is opposite of your face.   This will be the most flattering.  Notice that his sunglasses also flatter because they are just as wide as the temple of his head and no larger.  If he wanted to look more slender through his upper body he would not break up his torso with the white t-shirt showing under his sleeves.  Options. . .lots of options.
The Corporate World

Biggest Corporate Challenge? - Negativity.
  It's true. In my work with different corporations, within various industries, the most common challenge that raises its head regularly is dealing with negativity.  We have often developed the unfortunate habit of describing ourselves or our co-workers in a negative light and it's demoralizing. In my recent travels, I've observed that people seem to be less positive about their lives and are quick to verbalize it. 

After a wonderful meeting with BAM attendees, I caught two flights home that went like clockwork.  But, as I exited the plane, these were the comments I heard from my fellow passengers: 
  • "Oh great.....sure we're here 15 minutes early but I have that horrible Interstate 5 now to battle."
  • "Seriously - could they be any slower getting their luggage out of the overhead?  Honestly, I think they do it just to irritate me."
  • "It will be just my luck that my luggage didn't make the connection."
Life is absolutely as glorious as you decide it is, or as miserable as your mind has convinced you.  That's it in a nutshell.  If a thought doesn't serve to make your life better - change it.  You and the people around you will benefit greatly.

Trends - Choosing A Nail Color

Nail polish trends keep evolving just like fashion does......an almost ever moving target.  As an Executive Coach and Image Consultant, I am the most interested in what works for my clients so they project their desired image.  When choosing your nail color, be sure to place the color options next to YOUR skin and resist looking at them on the tabs or bottles alone.  Many times we chose a color and we don't' like the way it appears on us because it looks different against our skin tone.  General rule of thumb:  the stronger the nail color, the shorter the nails should be. 

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