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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
July 2018
July VIP - Patti Moore
Patrice "Patti" Moore, RN, BSN, MSN, ARNP. . .
. . . a blast from the past!
Here is Patti then and now. She is one of my all-time favorite clients. She trusted me to shorten her hair and ditch the St. John suits that she thought all successful speakers must wear. Instead, bold solid contrasting colors were key for her. It's very rewarding to read what she wrote 8 years ago and to see her keep up the strong successful presence.  I stay connected with her on Facebook and she is a ROCKSTAR.  Her work is meaningful and she is a role model to many.  Why limit yourself?

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July VIP
In-Office Assessment
Leftovers - To Toss or Not to Toss?
Women: Figure Proportions
Online Shopping
Shopping: Outlet Stores
Customize Your Workshop
In-Office Assessment
Leftovers - To Toss or Not to Toss?
This was fascinating to me. I am very active on Facebook and have a variety of subjects I find interesting.  This post asked others what they do with food they don't want to eat.  I let them know I had eaten half these cookies and was ready to toss them. The responses fell into 2 distinct camps.  One group empathized and identified with my plight.  They too acknowledged that the money had already been spent and that if an item was in the house they would consume it quickly.  The second group felt that it should be given away or put in the freezer and that it was wasteful to throw away such food.  No right or wrong......just very different views.  It helped me realize how unhealthy I consider those cookies both for myself and others and my wish was not to tempt any of us.  And I am clear that many others have more will power than me.
Your all important professional headshot 
will not please everyone.... let's just put that out there first thing. If you were choosing between these two individuals as your financial planner, your selection would be impacted by YOUR idea of what a financial planner should look like.  I am a big fan of photos taken with a solid white background and not a fan of backgrounds used at the "old school" photo studios with the grey and white variance. Tipping your head will always make you look more approachable but less confident.   There is a lot to think about. Of course, after someone meets you, the vision of whom they thought you were will be just part of the overall mix.  Voice tone, eye contact, height and communication skills will bring you closer to connecting (or not).
Women:  Figure Proportions
The most common figure proportion for women is the pear shape. What that means is that the widest part of your body is below your waist and around your hips. Remember, you can be tall, short, heavy, or skinny and still be pear shaped.

If you're a pear, your fashion goal is to elongate your figure so that you look less bottom-heavy. The first line of attack to reaching this goal is to balance your hips and your shoulders while showing off your curves.

It's a good idea to wear something darker and slimming on the bottom, like dark jeans or slacks, or a dark knee-length pencil skirt or A-line skirt. And no, that doesn't mean that you always have to wear black on the bottom.  Make sure, however, that the bottom is solid in color and darker than whatever you have on top. The key here is to accentuate your top half. For example, if the eye is drawn to your cute top or the scarf around your neck, it takes the focus off your bottom half.

As a pear, want to direct attention to your tops or blouses. Fun colors, prints, or details at the neck all serve the purpose of drawing the eye away from the hip area. Just make sure that your tops don't end at your hips because that draws unnecessary attention there. For example, you can combine a tailored, flared pant with an attractive, eye-catching top which will play up a pear's best features.
Online Shopping
Online Shopping can sometimes work and sometimes...not so much.  This exercise band looked JUST LIKE THE ONE I was successfully using in my gym.  In an attempt to be more consistent in working on hip mobility, I went online to order a band for myself.  I went to the company site, looked at the 6 band offerings and quickly bought the GREEN one.  What I did not do was read anything about the strength and thickness of the bands and what I received was twice as thick as the one I wanted.  COLOR quickly had me decide that they were the same.  The only sense stronger than the visual is smell.  I foolishly assumed I didn't need to read what was listed on their website and I now own an exercise band that could pull a truck.  PM me if interested.
Shopping:  Outlet Stores
The truth about outlet stores - are they a scam?  Outlet stores are typically designer or designer-inspired stores grouped together in OUTLET MALLS. You might think you're getting a deal, but you may not...and here is why:  

Much of the merchandise sold at outlet stores is manufactured exclusively for them, and may be of lesser quality than the merchandise sold at non-outlet retail locations. Recognize that if you're buying something that looks new and undamaged, the price may be lower for a reason. For example, plastic might replace leather trim on a jacket, or a t-shirt may have less stitching and have lighter weight fabric. If top-quality is important, you may want to keep shopping.

This fact is not well known but four members of Congress wrote the FTC in 2014 requesting it investigate the "potentially misleading marketing practices" of outlet stores, stating:

Historically, outlets offered excess inventory and slightly damaged goods that retailers were unable to sell at regular retail stores. Today, however, some analysts estimate that upwards of 85% of the merchandise sold in outlet stores was manufactured exclusively for these stores. Outlet-specific merchandise is often of lower quality than goods sold at non-outlet retail locations. 

In contrast, I really like the merchandise offered at OFF 5th the Saks outlet. I know quality when I see it and the majority of what is in their store I have seen in the main store. This is my happy nephew after doing some OFF 5th shopping.
Podcast: "Your Brand, Your Image, Your Success"

July 2018 - Academy of General Dentistry Podcast
"Your Brand, Your Image, Your Success"

In this Podcast with Wes Blakeslee, DMD, FAGD, Janice discusses the important role your personal and professional image plays in the impression that forms in the mind of your patients and dental team.

Customize a Woman's Image Enhancement Workshop!



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