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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
June 2014

VIP Client - Carol Berry   

"I came across Janice's website whilst I sat in my apartment in the Middle East.   I was unhappy with how I looked, but more importantly, I was unhappy with how I felt about myself. 
After a Skype call with Janice, I felt very confident that I was making the right decision in getting some expert help in revitalizing my image. Janice has such a lovely manner - she tells you the truth but in such a kind and caring way. It's clear that she wants the absolute best results for her clients.

The time I spent with Janice was inspirational and has proved to be the best investment I have ever made in myself. I knew I was dealing with a highly experienced professional as we sat for the first time and discussed what was and wasn't working for me. We studied the styles and colors of clothes I had been defaulting to. Janice gave clear explanations as to why many of my clothing choices weren't working for me. It was an absolute revelation"
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In This Issue
VIP Client - Carol Berry
Jackets Are A Girl's Best Friend
Product Reviews - Rowenta Irons
Sharing Food With Others
Viive Dental Blog

Is Your Dental Office Giving the Right Impression?

April 25, 2014
by Janice Hurley  

When new patients enter your office, what do they see? Perhaps a front counter enclosed with glass? Maybe worn carpet and dated furniture in the reception area? Magazines scattered around the room or even eight staff members dressed eight different ways? 

 5 Etiquette  Rules for Meetings 

Many of us would rather converse with others over the phone or more common still, via email.

Our busy lives, and our global networks, often make email our first form of contact.  When developing a new relationship, however, please know that picking up the phone, rather than sending multiple emails, will give both you, and the person you are conversing with, a much better start to your business relationship.  Meeting with someone in person is better yet.
  1. Be on time - be on time - be on time.  No matter what, be on time.
  2. Focus more on understanding the other person's point of view rather than trying to communicate yours.
  3. Take time to answer questions poised - particularly if these are questions you hear often.  If you rush, you can sound insincere.
  4. Sit appropriately.  Do everything you can to be at eye level with the person you want to influence.
  5. Don't bring food or water to the meeting. 

Jackets Are A Girl's Best Friend  

This attractive, young professional knows that a large part of her impact with others can be dependent on her presence
.  Nicole has chosen wisely with this bright color blazer.  It's flattering to her skin tone and she found this gem at Target.  Jackets that are solid in color can be used more frequently when paired with other dresses or tops.  A wise purchase is one that makes you look both attractive and successful.  I would say that she is batting a thousand.

Product Reviews - Rowenta Irons 

Rowenta irons are just the best. 
Ironing is not everyone's favorite activity.  However, some of
you admit to enjoying it very much.  Without a doubt, the right iron makes all the difference in the world.  Rowenta irons are best kept in top condition by emptying all the water out before storing the iron.  In fact, after emptying the water, you should plug it back in so it heats up and dries out any remaining fluid.   Many irons have the self-clean feature that accomplishes this same feat.  Be very careful using irons in hotel rooms because they are usually not properly stored and they can put residue on your clothing.  


"I'm Sorry" -  in any language is often the right thing to say.  "Wo hen baoqian" (Mandarin).  "Ana asef"(m) / "Ana asfa" (fem) ( Arabic).  "Lo siento"  (Spanish). "Je suis desole"  (French). "Samahani/Pole" (Swahili). "Maaf kee jeeye ga" (Urdu).   "Izvinite" (Russian).

Click here to view a portion of the article as it appeared in the November 2012 Naional Geographic Traveler,  "Do As The Locals Do"

Sharing Food With Others

I have been in numerous situations lately with friends or business acquaintances where we "shared" food.
  The nicer restaurants are conscious enough about NOT swapping germs such that they will always include a serving spoon along with your own individual utensils.  This photo depicts a soon-to-be exchange of body fluids because there is only one spoon per person.  An additional spoon included allows you to take small portions and put them on your own plate with the serving spoon where you can then eat the delicious dessert with your own utensil.  Double dipping doesn't just happen with chips and dips.  





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