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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
June 2015
Our VIP 
Val Voberil is an elite athlete. She can deadlift 315 lbs and do 40 pullups unbroken. She is 5'3" of sheer determination. Val describes herself as mom, teacher and 5x CrossFit Games athlete (Ranked Top 5 Fittest Women in the World 4x). "I love my family, friends and fitness."

Val reached out for my assistance after seeing a recent makeover. Like many women, she found herself "in a rut" when it was time to dress for work and date night. Before our scheduled day together I had asked Val to send me photos of what she wears to work each day (see the two photos on the left). Val had the same general look each day which consisted of capris, a sports bra, casual top and athletic shoes. Val teaches 4th grade and works out 6 days a week on top of being a wife and mother. With such a busy schedule, her thought was that she should wear clothing that would allow her to change quickly in to her workout attire. Our time together helped Val recommit to herself (and to her students) to be the professional and role model she knew she valued.

Her athletic figure has her shoulders considerably wider then her hips so we made sure to put darker colors on top and stripes or patterns and lighter colors on the bottom. This gives her the illusion of a balanced, hour glass figure.

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Jean Jackets
Hair Care
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Charismatic People

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Just For Men

Ok Men - you have options to hide the receding hairline. Whether it's age or genetics, or both, many men deal with the frustration of a receding hairline.  It's helpful to know what will make that moving hairline less noticeable.

DO - pull the hair a bit forward like you see in the first photo and take advantage of the great hair you most likely have on the side of your head by keeping it on the longer side.  DO have your hair evenly placed around both areas that are receding so they get an equal amount of hair.

part your hair on the side as you see this gentlemen to the right has done and don't have your hair too short on the side in contrast to the top of your hair or it will just accent the receding section.  And last, but not least, don't stress about it...get a good hairstylist who knows how to flatter your face with the hair you have and know it's worth every penny spent if it helps you just "forget about it."
Jean Jackets

To answer a reader's recent question -- here are some good rules to know when wearing a jean 
  1. It's a busy piece of clothing - think of it as being a patterned object so it looks best next to solids.
  2. It looks best layered over a dress or a shirt that is at least 4-5 inches longer than the jacket.
  3. Wear your jean jacket next to something with contrasting fabric, contrasting in both fabric and color.
  4. It's best not to wear your jean jacket with a jean skirt or jean pants.

I have a thought or two about Facebook and a personal FB ritual. 
I am a BIG fan of Facebook - it has impacted, in a very positive way, both my personal and professional life:
  • It has been an unbelievable vehicle to stay connected to my busy, traveling speaker friends as well as my dental and Crossfit friends from all over the country. 
  • It has reconnected me to high school friends from decades ago and exposed me to interesting and educational posts from friends all around. 
  • It also has inadvertently given all of us insight into one another's personalities. 
Facebook can be most revealing when we are exposed to our own narcissism.  How quickly we draw the conclusion that our lives are interesting to others.  For the most part, a little goes a long way. 

What I have really enjoyed about FB is the ability to focus on and feature the good qualities of others.  I enjoy that! I have a most generous number of people who both follow and post on my FB pages and I am always surprised and flattered.  I like to focus on one or two people to get to know better through reading about them because otherwise I just can't remember all the specifics.

Hair Care

Hair Extensions
- it would be easy to think you had fallen short in the luxurious hair department if you didn't realize how many people use hair extensions.  Hair extensions are used to increase both the length and the fullness of one's hair and they have become quite popular.

Hair Extensions Facts
  • A Full Set provides both length and volume.
  • Product cost:  between $450 - $750
  • Application cost: A labor intensive process, the application prices range from $450 to $1500. Thicker and shorter hair requires more hair extensions and prices may be a bit higher. Expect the extensions to last 4 to 5 months
  • Fusion Hair Extensions may not require a fill during 4 to 5 months, but if your hair grows quickly or is oily, a fill (removal and replacement of extensions) may be necessary. Average price is $450 for a fill.(Similar process as initial application)
  • 30% of the hair can be reused and re-bonded depending on how it has been cared for
  • Application takes 2 to 5 hours and varies based on how much hair is added
Make Up Tips

My daughter Jennifer gave me a gift she KNEW I would just love and I do.  It's the amazing product, Sassy Lashes.  I really like the look of false eye lashes and I have used them several times for special occasions but they are an additional expense and I haven't learned how to place them myself so...Sassy Lashes work to help me get the look of a longer lash without the expense.  I order this mascara duo on line from Sandra Walker.  Enjoy!

Coach's Corner -- TRAINING SPECIAL!

Increase treatment acceptance with training. You know you can improve in this area but you just might not know how. Virtual coaching through the video recording of yourself and your team can help your case acceptance grow by leaps and bounds and allow everyone to be very effective and efficient when presenting treatment whether it's done in a separate consultation appointment or done chairside.  



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