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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
June 2018
June VIP - Dr. Doug Thompson

A man of style! Dr. Doug Thompson was introduced to me by Erin Howlett Fetterman, Operations Manager at Wellness Dentistry Network.  On the topic of style, Dr. Thompson shared with me that he was given a huge confidence boost about ten years ago from his haberdasher - Carl, a dealer in men's clothing and accessories.  With increased confidence in the way he was perceived by others, Dr. Thompson learned to move past his humble beginnings and stretch toward making his mark in dental health.  This new confidence had him speaking and presenting on the subjects he loves most to practitioners who sought his counsel in this vital movement.  He is proud of his role in helping dentists who have a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect whole body health.  
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Being Joyful
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Dress for Success
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Charismatic People

In this video, Janice discusses the top 5 traits of charismatic people.

Client Questions

I often get questions from clients as they are shopping or anticipating an upcoming event.  If the subject is, "Should I buy this?" my response is always to provide me with a photo wearing (or trying on) the outfit in question.  This photo was sent after going through the necessary steps of ascertaining that the fit was great - she added the suggested belt and shoes and now jewelry was in question.  My suggestion was to wear long and strong earrings that picked up the violet or purple in the dress.  A necklace was not recommended.  Simplicity along the neckline is often a more fashion forward look when worn with large statement earrings.   For most women, large earrings are best worn with evening attire.  Some women, depending on their vocation, do well with more ornate earrings.
Jewelry Updates:   Here are two of the newer styles in earrings. Both of these styles are a strong enough statement to stand alone without a necklace.   There are an infinite number of color options and shapes available.  If you are ordering online, be sure to carefully read the measurements. I did not take that into consideration on one occasion and the size was significantly smaller than I had anticipated.  A fashion trend in earrings are those with feathers and lots of yarn, but you'll quickly see those on the SALE rack because they have such limited use and appeal.  Today's plastics can imitate natural stone at times and give us the price point option of updating our earrings and staying within budget.
Being Joyful

There is an unlimited list of fears that we often conjure up that rob of us our JOY. People want to be around others that are happy and joyful. JOY is an amazing gift we give ourselves when we focus on what we can do and not what we can't and on what we have and not what is absent. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, or fear of "not being enough" are crippling emotions. My suggestion is that when you find yourself hesitating in doing or saying something you think has value, ask yourself, "What would I do if I wasn't afraid?"

Emotions:  This Too Shall Pass
This sweet new baby boy, Dean had these two reactions to life all within 3 seconds.  What it reminded me of, for myself and others, is how quickly we can change our mood if we can just place our focus on something else. Your mind can't hold two emotions or look at two different objects at the same time.  It just can't.  So when you find yourself depressed or in a dark spot, do everything you can to change your environment.  Many of us spend hours and hours in front of a computer indoors.  A dark mood can easily come when we don't get a break or don't feel the sun on our face.   All of us serve ourselves and others best when we know how to change our thoughts and feelings to benefit our own empowerment and optimism.    
Dress for Success
The Washington Post had this to say on their Leadership Blog.  New studies tell us that what you wear could affect how well you work.  They are "singing my song," of course.  The professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University did a study that showed when students were given lab jackets and told they were to think of themselves as a doctor, they scored higher on a test known as the Stroop Test. The Stroop Test asks participants to say the color of a word being shown on a flash card rather than the word itself.  The same participants, when told their lab jackets were artists' smocks, had lower scores.  Clearly, it's not the clothing but what you think that clothing represents and says about you.  
Shoes:  Same But Different
Here are two pair of shoes with ankle straps. But, after that the similarities are oh-so-different. Let's start first with the general instructions about ankle straps:
  1. They make your legs look shorter and (unless you have longer legs or the straps are a neutral color) you might think twice before purchasing them;
  2. They are less impactful when your dress is ¾-length than if your dress is knee length. 
The black shoes have the wonderful platform on the ball of the foot which makes for fabulous comfort. The neutral shoe has a much higher heel without any padding and will quickly have you feeling all your weight on your feet. The black shoe has a larger more enclosed amount of material around your toe box and will be more forgiving for wide feet or feet with bunions.
Nutrition:  Portion Control

As time progresses, we learn more and more about ourselves, and I know for sure that I won't count or measure food in order to limit my intake. It would be a great idea and it would certainly help toward my goal of being leaner but... it's not going to happen. It does not work for me to pretend I am going to write down what I eat each day - though we know that would increase the possibility of my success. So instead, I do what I can to control portion size in the easiest manner possible. I have some very small bowls and very small plates. I regularly use these to take food out of the original container and limit what I might eat that go-around. I also tell myself that I can always go back and have more should I so desire.
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