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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
March 2014


Scarves & Necklaces?  I am often asked if one can wear both a scarf and a necklace with  an outfit and the answer is often times - YES.  The key is the combination between the necklace and the scarf -- there should be a contrast in size between the two.  When you are wearing a dress or a blouse with a collar, it is a natural backdrop for the combination.  My client, Diana, used her orange necklace and scarf to bring this flattering color next to her face.  The grey of the blouse was not as flattering to her natural coloring as the orange tones she had in her necklace and scarf.  The key in choosing which scarf to wear is making sure that the fabric of the scarf is not the same but is contrasting to the fabric of the blouse you are wearing.  So remember, it is all about contrast in size and fabric.
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Pride In The Podium
Your Body Proportions
Cardigan Care
He LIkes You
Organizing Accessories
Janice's Upcoming Events
Local Arizona Event

"How To" Video! 

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Pride In The Podium

I am guilty for celebrating success, for the "Podium Placements" and the ribbons and the accolades. I am guilty for cheering on my children when they were young and now as adults in their hard earned pursuits.  I did it then but I cringe now when I see this done with young children.  My perspective has changed.  I am concerned that when young children keep hearing the praise of placing in the top three or the winning of a game, I fear they are hearing from us that the blue ribbon or the trophy they won defines them -- that we love them more because they won.  When so much attention is given to the win and less celebration for the try and the value of good sportsmanship, we hurt our children.  We discourage their efforts for the sake of effort alone.   We say "winning isn't everything" but we brag about the placement to our friends and post the ribbons of our 5 year old on our Facebook page.  Ever notice how many children under the age of 8 play soccer and how few are left at age 15?  I think I know why.  Guilty as charged.

Your Body Proportions 

My young model gets away with the bleached washed-out look on her rear and legs
because the top she is wearing is so large.  A woman's goal, for the most part, is to have her hips and shoulders look the same width with her waist looking at least 10 inches smaller.  She has to think about proportions.  A cropped pant and round-toed shoe will make the legs look shorter but this beauty can carry it off because her legs are so long.  Moral to the story?  What looks good on YOU is all about YOUR proportions.

Cardigan Care 

Named for the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, a famed figure of the British military, the button down sweater is a favorite wardrobe piece for many of us.   Light and easy to move in makes it a great substitute for a jacket. Proper care will vary for these sweaters made from numerous fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, wool, rayon, silk and Lycra. Piling where your body is causing friction can be a challenging aspect in cardigan care. Routinely checking to see if there are small balls of material on the elbows, under the arms and chest area is recommended.  I get rid of these bothersome signs of wear by placing the garment flat on an ironing board and shaving the troubling areas with a disposable razor. Stretching can also be challenging and this comes from the material being pulled outside of its original shape.  In general, the higher quality of material, the less stretching will take place after you wear the garment.

He Likes You...   

Yes, you can often tell if someone likes you by the smile on their face and the twinkle in their eye.
  But you can also tell how much they like you by the dilation of their pupil. Pupillary response is a physiological response that varies the size of your pupil. This response results in either constriction (narrowing of your pupil) or dilation (widening of your pupil).  The response can have a variety of causes, from an involuntary reflex reaction to exposure or inexposure to light,  or it may indicate interest in the subject of attention, or sexual stimulation. The pupils contract immediately before someone falls asleep. The time in which your pupil responds increases with age.  Fun facts you were dying to know.  But what is helpful to remember is that  many of us think we can hide our attraction to another person but that is not always the case -- the giveaway is in our eyes or more specifically, our pupils.


Organizing Accessories 

Jewelry, belts, scarves, shoes and handbags are more likely to be used when they are visible on a daily basis.  Finding creative ways to store these items so you can see them can often be challenging but worthwhile.  I am a big believer in understanding "cost per wear" and knowing where to spend your hard earned dollars.  When you can get good use from your purchases you know you have spent wisely.  A closet makeover can involve bringing in a professional that can help you make the best use possible of the space in your closet. The feline commentary is not required but an added bonus.

Janice's Upcoming Events. . . 

March 15, 2014
National Speakers Association - Tennessee
   ~Platform Ready - Raise Your Image, Raise Your Income
Nashville, TN

March 27-29, 2014
Hinman Dental Meeting
  ~How to Look Like a Million
  ~New Patient Interview
  ~Up Close and Personal
Atlanta, GA

April 8, 2014
Arizona State University - WP Carey School of Business
   ~Optimal Image Impact
Tempe, AZ

Local Arizona Event in April!

Janice will be speaking locally in Phoenix, AZ
the afternoon of April 30, 2014





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