Self-Care Right Now
Healthy Foods
Food is medicine. This statement has never been more true than it is today. Medical authorities believe that most of us will be exposed to the novel corona virus eventually. Our immune system and overall health will determine our susceptibility. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables along with drinking warm lemon water throughout the day is universally advised at this point.  Keeping your throat moist will help push any exposure to the virus down into the stomach where its potency is deluded. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind still rings true so placing your vegetables on the kitchen counter (or at least at eye level in your refrigerator) will help you remember to consume them. Because of their 20 different vitamins and minerals, eating apples and avocados every day can keep your immune system stronger.
The Brain
Your brain believes what you tell it. The world is not as it is, but as you see yourself in the world. Translation: Only you can decide if a situation is a bad or a good thing in your life. Only you can look at circumstances and see the blessings of what you have in your life right now versus what you wish you had. The goal is for you to not let your thoughts rob you of your JOY.  I use a flicking method with my thumb and middle finger to flick away any negative thoughts that do not serve my goals. Our goals are often different but universally we seek happiness.  
There has never been a better time to exercise regularly. Your body needs the stress relief. And, your mind needs the boost of confidence and self pride that you followed through on your goal. The night before, make a calendar entry with the time, location and equipment needed to do your workout. Most of my exercises at home are just moving my body weight. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, hip bridges and jumping jacks are just a few movements that require no equipment. Today was my first day to take my equipment outdoors where there was a good view. A couple of people watched and thought it was a bit unusual but when things got really strenuous, I didn’t even notice or care. Six days a week is a must for our mental health and confidence.
Your Mental Health
My purchase of tulips falls under mental health self-care. These flowers will give me joy and interest for at least a week. When I looked at them today, I was reminded how we function within a group at times and then again sometimes solo. For many of you, the loss of contact with the team members you consider “family” has been difficult. There is a huge difference between Facetime conversations versus just texting. My family and I use the app Marco Polo to be able to see one another with the convenience of watching the taped video on our own schedule. Some friends and family are getting together for virtual dinners or special occasions. Everyone needs contact with others. A large part of how you see yourself is reflected in those you surround yourself with. Pets are so affirming because they give you no judgement or rejection. And while pets are great, you also need and benefit from social interaction.  
I am reading this book for the second time and the author, James Clear, is brilliant. He has the ability to present factual information (that I know to be true in my life) that define our happiness and success. It is better to practice piano for a short period of time consistently than to practice for longer intervals but less frequently. We are strongly affected by the visual. Anything you want to avoid eating or drinking should not be right in front of you. The more difficult it is to acquire, the less likely you are to indulge. I took my nicely displayed wine bottles off my kitchen counter after I realized my thoughts of consuming had increased with the visual of my new wine rack displaying my favorite beverage.
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