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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
May 2016
MAY'S VIP, Gibson Gunn, was interested in learning what the best hairstyle might be for him as the new Clinical Coordinator and Spokesperson for Targeted Genomics.

With some facial irregularities due to retinoblastoma (a childhood eye cancer) Gibson had adopted a hairstyle that he thought would draw attention away from the areas he didn't want featured. He's also a singer/songwriter and guitar player who performs with his band in his free time.  Looking both professional and relevant are important to Gibson.

I suggested to Gibson that the overall shape of his head and face dictated the best hairstyle for him and with his approval, we went for it.  We spent several hours video recording his body language and verbal responses as he prepared to do recordings for his new company.  We also practiced how to quickly and succinctly answer the common question of, "What do you do for a living?"  He went home to San Antonio, Texas with copies of his video responses and an upbeat gait in his step.  A new sense of accomplishment is worth the effort every time.  
In This Issue
VIP - Gibson Gunn
Executive Coaching Tips
Accessories - Earrings
TED Talk - Procrastination
Be Happy!
Make-Up Tips
Executive Coaching Tips

Executive Coaching Tips  
for Powerful Meeting Presence

Accessories -- Earrings

They Really Work --
  if you have ever had your pierced ear lobe torn or stretched such that earrings pull down too far and don't rest where they should, you'll LOVE this product - Lobe Wonder.  These are small, clear patches that you put on the back of your ear and then you insert your earring as usual and... VOILA everything is held in place -- I LOVE THEM!  

There are other options (that I have not tried) to get the same result, but they are a one-time use product made of metal and 10 times the price. Lobe Wonder is less than $9.00 and good for 60 uses.   Even if your ear piercing has not been torn, you might benefit from this product if you are losing elasticity in your skin and your ear lobes just can't support your earrings like they used to.  There is no reason to limit your earring selections any longer.

TED Talk - Procrastination

MAY'S TED Talk - Tim Urban on procrastination.
Notice the power of the visual when Tim Urban communicates the problems of procrastination.  When you watch the
video, check out The Panic Monster, The Instant Gratification Monkey and Easy & Fun.  Are you the true procrastinator or the non-procrastinator?

Perception -- Ask Me Another Question
I had the most interesting experience recently in a local camera store as I tried to buy a new camera and a new lens.   I had spent some training time with my photography mentor, Lisa Hepfer.   I take Crossfit photos and she demonstrated the benefits of upgrading both my model of camera and my lens to get the action shots I desired.  Instead of going on line and ordering what I knew I needed, I went to our local San Diego camera store so I could support their small business.  They wanted to see the camera I was currently using and when they did, they said over and over that I didn't need a different camera for shooting portraits and weddings, etc.   I was there for two hours and though I had specifically said I want to shoot athletic action shots, they could not get past the fact that I looked like someone who would shoot families and weddings.  I almost laughed because they clearly stereotyped me. Nicest guys ever, but they actually never asked me what I hoped to achieve and what my current frustration was.   I walked in three days later, avoided the salesman and just bought what I intended to buy in the first place.

A good reminder for us all to not make assumptions based on how someone looks or our perception of what they do and what they need.  Instead, let's listen.
Be Happy!
By Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson

"Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory
that Your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil..."
I encourage you to never underestimate the power of a book.  I was gifted this book over 15 years ago and I never read it.  That's right - I had NOT opened it until now.  Timing is everything and this book couldn't have been read at a better time than now.  Truly all the blessings you could ever desire are yours if you choose to use your talents for the good of others.  We all want to be happy.........and happy is definitely doable. 
Make-Up Tips

Wrinkles under the eyes -- 
oh my goodness - if it's not bags under the eyes, it's wrinkles right?  Genetics, sun exposure and what we eat play a part in our "under the eye" wrinkles.  Genetically, I didn't get the bags but I certainly got the wrinkles.  Believe it or not, one of the best (and least expensive) products to shrink bags under the eyes is Preparation H - but it won't help wrinkles. Sorry!

Three things to note when attempting to reduce the appearance of wrinkles under your eyes -
  1. Use a good base - apply foundation lightly to the area.
  2. Let it sit. Let it settle into your wrinkles.
  3. Lightly pat the area with your fingers to blend - you'll  be good to go for the day.




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