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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
May 2018
May VIP - Penny Reed
Layering can be confusing. Penny looks like she is applying all the rules for her body type in this first photo but there are some important differences between the first photo and the next two (and it might not be what you think). In the two "after" photos, I asked Penny to pull her chin out (and not back) to slenderize her neck. Another change is the position of her belt. In the "before" photo, her belt is sitting too low and rests on the widest part of the stomach instead of on her waist as shown in the "after" photos.

When Penny layered her clothes in the first photo, she chose a top and jacket with colors that are not distinct enough from one another so she misses out on the slenderizing effect of creating a linear line down the front of her body. The black necklace was too large and thick around Penny's medium length neck. She gets an A+ for bright colors but the scarf, necklace and belt do her no favors. Scarves are an excellent addition but be careful not to choose fabrics (polyester, etc) that can appear matronly. 

My recommendation on the long silver necklace (in photo #2) was to buy one quality investment piece and wear it all the time.    
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Penny's Testimonial
Exercise Routine
Fashion - Scarf Selection
Travel Tips - Packing
Common Courtesies
Women's Fashion
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Woman's Workshop
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What People Are Saying. . .
Penny's Time With Janice

"Working with Janice has been monumental. In just a few short days, my new image has had an impact on my self-confidence, my personal life and my business. If you are considering working with Janice, do it now. You deserve to have others see you at your best."

Click Here to read Penny's full testimonial.
Exercise Routine
Be Realistic - Exercise is an excellent contributor to self confidence and body awareness.   We are drawn to others with confidence -- those we see as having self-discipline. 

In addition to being clear about the benefits of exercise, individuals who are realistic about the pain or discomfort associated with working out, are more likely to stick with it. Yes, you read that correctly. We know that individuals who accept the idea that exercise can be painful and uncomfortable actually increased their exercise time and their perceived effort of the workouts decreased. I do not go exercise when I feel like it, I go when it is scheduled on my calendar and I routinely ignore how tired I am, how sore or how unmotivated I might be. Instead, I put it on the schedule and just show up. Take away the excuse you might be hanging on to of waiting until your workout sounds enjoyable. If your workout is something you look forward to - fabulous but don't let not liking it be an excuse not to go. Enjoy the benefits and make it a habit and a gift you give yourself regularly. Enjoy!
Fashion - Scarf Selection

This is a scarf purchased from Travelsmith and was a generous birthday gift from a high school friend. It will get a lot of use because the 100% silk fabric is lightweight and not too bulky. The pattern is symmetrical and small enough to be in good proportion to my body. The colors are vibrant and rich without being garish. A scarf with this much pattern will do best on a solid background. It could compliment almost any color and the background would NOT have to be one of the colors in the scarf. 
"You know what I am saying?" No I don't. The habit of using the phrase, "You know what I am saying?" is a weak way to communicate. The drawbacks of using that phrase are twofold:  

1) It might be viewed upon as low class;  2) You think you are engaging the other person in conversation and, in fact, you're not. Instead of finding out what the other person thinks -- which might be accomplished by asking, "What are your thoughts?"  "You know what I am saying" is used as a filler while you move on to your next thought. This phrase is seeking acceptance from it's audience instead of looking for additional input from others involved in the conversation.
Travel Tips - Packing Your Jewlery

Put it in a sock. Traveling with jewelry is the most precarious of times for our lovely accessories. Jewelry is just not meant to be twisted and turned and ground up next to a hard surface. A good friend and past workshop attendee, Brenda McNulty, gave me a great tip....use old socks - the nice heavy ones - to wrap up jewelry and then place it within the secure confines of my shoes. It works very well. I have seen the most damage done when real stones hit up against one another and chip. That is sad but easy enough to avoid with some forthought and some old socks.
Common Courtesies

You are just not that important -- really.  Keep in mind that who you are and what you have to say is not more important than everyone else around you.  While we find ourselves texting more and calling less, we are less subjected to others conducting their phone calls as though we don't exist, but it still happens.  I will take a child kicking the back of my seat in an airplane before being around the person who thinks their conversation just has to take place in spite of the fact that they are not alone.  
Women's Fashion

Cutouts in women's clothing can be very fun and current -  and more fresh, I think, than cleavage or ultra short skirts. The challenge sometimes is knowing who can wear them - or how to wear them. Choose cutouts that flatter you best body part and be keenly aware of any undergarment limitations. Strapless bras with adhesive tape on the sides work well for smaller busted women. Most women will have to wear some form of support to not have their breasts be the total focus. Fun Fact: Did you know you can quickly guess a women's age by the skin on her elbows? It's true!
Your Schedule
Do yourself a favor. . . don't over promise and don't show up late. I recently heard another dental speaker making two separate appointments for video interviews while at a dental conference - they didn't remember to keep either. It was acknowledged that indeed those times had been agreed on but they got "busy." It is much easier for everyone involved to not over book yourself or say yes to something you don't value. Keeping your promises is a wonderful example of integrity -- you get the opportunity to demonstrate that to yourself and others. Just say "NO" -- it's perfectly fine.
Woman's Workshop

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"I have spent the last 10 years hiding my body behind prints & jewelry. 
After losing 30 lbs the "look" was a habit. Janice has helped me see 
beyond the clothes and to dress for my essence. Thank you 
for your direct and caring feedback." -- Workshop Attendee
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