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Optimal Impact ~ Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
October 2014
VIP Client - Cherie Gomes      

Cherie Gomes -- in her own words:  "My time with Janice was wonderful, enlightening and extremely productive.  Janice is very perceptive and picked up on personality traits through casual conversation.  I appreciate her wisdom and guidance she shared with me throughout the day.  She is genuine!  I have a new friend. 

The day went by so quickly!  David and Janice make a wonderful team!  I love my haircut and have received some great feedback like 'Wow!  You look so refreshing!', 'Who is that confident lady with the glimmer in her eyes?', 'Haven't seen you look this happy in years!', 'the haircut is so you'!

. . .I didn't feel 'made up' or fake; just a better me.  Jose guided me through the entire process from skincare to finishing touches.  . . .

I wish I had had an opportunity to do this 10 years ago and had Janice as a mentor!"

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VIP Client - Cherie Gomes
New Address
A Well-Dressed Man
Packing Tips
Your Website Presence
Rooming With Somoene Else?
The Progressive Dentist
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A Well-Dressed Man 


It's true ~ I am a sucker for a well-dressed man.
Whether he is in a pair of jeans that flatter or a dark suit like this gentleman here ~ I enjoy seeing men dressed well. Many a physician or surgeon (as is the man in the photo - Dr. David W. Spivey, DDS) often make the mistake of going out in public wearing scrubs.  Scrubs of ANY KIND should not be worn outside the office.  Scrubs are used in the office to be a barrier to the patient's fluids.  Therefore, when you see someone wearing scrubs you are seeing something that probably picked up more than its fair share of germs.  A well-dressed man says he cares about himself and he is honoring those he will be spending time with..................at least that's how it makes me feel.☺ 

Packing Tips - A Couple of Choices     

I am a big fan of "shoe trees" -- those items made from cedar that you should be using for your good shoes. They keep the shape of your shoes intact and they soak up moisture left behind. When packing, these important footwear aides can be heavy. If you decide to not pack using your shoe trees, consider stuffing the front of your shoe with tissue paper or paper towels as a packing alternative. Either way, your shoes are worth a little TLC.

Your Website Presence 

I am continually blessed with daily inquiries into my Executive Coaching services.  Some of these inquiries come from referrals but the majority are coming from people finding me on the internet.  I teach a course called Optimal Image Impact and in that course I ask attendees to pull our their smart phone and their iPads.  I want them to see just where their company is listed when someone new searches for their services.  A key component to a successful website is that it must be responsive - meaning it adapts to the device from which it is being viewed. Clarity about your services and accessibility of your professional videos and photos are a must.  Marketing exposes your potential clients to your services and your website presence is only as good as someone finding that website in the first place.  Check yourself out.☺

Rooming With Someone Else? 


I am packing right now to be on the road working for about 9 days: 2 different states and clients. It's going to be a great trip. One small portion of that trip is to attend a dental conference where I will be sharing a room with my very good friend, Melinda. And one thing that happens when you share a room is you often have too few hangers. If you think that might be the case.......you can ask the hotel for additional hangers or do like I am doing here and pack your own.


The Progressive Dentist

"Let's Do The Lowers"
Summer 2014's #1 Article
co-written by Janice Hurley and Matthew Kormylo, DMD 
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