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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
October 2016

"My transformative day with Janice FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!  
I work for a non-profit organization so it was important to me to achieve a polished professional look that would fit with my organization's culture. Janice UNDERSTOOD my concerns, asked probing questions, and used her talents to help me achieve the EXACT LOOK I needed. Janice has an eye for fashion, coordination, function and poise. I appreciated all of her helpful insights and strongly recommend her personal image consulting package. In addition to my sincere gratitude for Janice's assistance, I thoroughly enjoyed the day with her and left feeling as if I had found a new friend."

Don't be afraid to let go of the old corporate look -- wearing dark colored suits. Dresses are a welcome addition to any woman's professional wardrobe. Solid colors are best if you're trying to be on the conservative side. 

Is a current/relevant image something you're looking for? Consider a One-on-One Image Consultation with me in San Diego, CA.   
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Dress To Honor Your Host
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Upcoming Events

October 20th

Dr. Jeffrey Burch -
Referral Program
Rockford, IL
November 10th 
Willeford 40th Anniversary 
Buckhead, GA 

November 12th 
Carestream Global
Oral Health Summit
Las Vegas, NV 

Decemeber 1st
Synchrony Bank
Costa Mesa, CA 

December 14th 
Midwestern University 
TED Talk

WHY YOU THINK YOU ARE RIGHT EVEN WHEN YOU ARE WRONG or WHY PEOPLE ARE LESS THAN COMFORTABLE AROUND YOU.........Julia Galef in this TedX talk describes the tendency to function as a protective warrior - defending our territory - or our belief system instead of acting more like a scout that is interested in investigating the facts.  Some of my Executive Coaching involves individuals that want to improve their dating life and inevitably we uncover that they often function from the warrior position. When interacting with others, they quickly fall into the "let me explain why I am right" mode.  And though they indeed may be factual (or not) the strong emotional energy, heaped on the other person involved, is almost never well received.  What is well received is the more inquisitive mind.  The conversation that asks thoughtful questions about the other person's point of view without making a judgement creates space for the other person to enjoy you and enjoy the time they are spending with you.   Click here to view Julia's TEDx Talk.
CURRENT HEADSHOTS - Put it on the calendar. If not this month, then maybe next month. But, make sure to do it. When talking with your photographer, be sure to set up photos that have white space on the side so you can use them in your marketing materials with your own personal quote or message. The impact of social media today mandates that you have a visual representation of yourself that is current and accurate for how you want others to perceive you. Even the most successful and confident people tend to avoid scheduling their needed photo shoots but, in the end, they are successful because they do what needs to be done.

Here are current photos of Bonnie Hixson, Founder & Publisher of The Progressive Dentist Magazine and ProDentist Network.  

I asked her for her thoughts on the subject of updating your professional photo. Here is what Bonnie said: 

"Your head shot is often your first impression, so make sure it's current and reflects the qualities 
you want people to remember about you. To quote Janice, 'Confidence is always attractive.'"
Dress To Honor Your Host

I recently went to a party celebrating the one year anniversary of my friend's business.
 It was held in the afternoon at her business location, (as opposed to evening at a restaurant - which might signal festive attire). I did still dress to honor my host, who was kind enough to throw a party.  We are all so busy and we often run from work to a social event. Consider honoring whoever is hosting the event by dressing for the occasion. I believe everything has energy and your festive party clothes will add a note of fun while letting your host know you were honored to be invited.  If the worst that happens is that you were to over dress a bit, that's better than falling on the other side of the equation in my opinion.  You got this! ☺ 
Men's Shoes

YOUR SHOES ARE SCREAMING -- CAN YOU HEAR THEM? Okay, maybe not screaming, but they are making a strong statement. Most of us never think of our shoes in this way. Here are five points I'd like to make about shoes:
  1. Other people notice your shoes more than you ever think about them for yourself.
  2. Your shoes alter the rest of the outfit. This is exciting because the shoes you add will say how fun, dressy or casual you are feeling for the day.
  3. Shoes are very interchangeable with the rest of your clothes. Dress shoes, in particular, can work with dress slacks or jeans.
  4. Your belt and shoes should match in terms of color and finish of your belt. I recommend buying shoes that you like and that are comfortable and then finding the right belt.
  5. Shoe trees are essential for men's shoes to keep them from having that dreaded permanent crease across the front and also for keeping them smelling fresh. Try cedar shoe trees from Nordstrom Rack - only $19.97
My Favorite Things

The Wet Brush 
- I don't know how or what I ever did without it.

It makes brushing through wet hair so easy - inexpensive and effective.

Kerastase Resistance after shampoo product. I order this on line because I can't get it at my salon here in San Diego. It protects my color treated hair from drying out when I blow dry it.
Join Janice in Atlanta!
Come hear Janice speak on Optimal Image Impact 
at The Willeford Group - 40th Anniversary Celebration
November 10, 2016 - 9:45 am to 12:45 pm

Join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary on November 10-11th in Buckhead (Atlanta), GA! 

This business-changing event - including some of the top dental experts in the country - will help your practice achieve financial health, wealth, and prosperity. Doctors (and spouses) are invited! 




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