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Optimal Impact ~Your Best You

Newsletter from Janice Hurley
September 2016
VIP OF THE MONTH  -- Lisa Hepfer
Four years after her makeover time, where is Lisa now?   She is carving out a wide path of success in her own unique way. With increased confidence, Lisa took her love of photography professionally.   She is now the on-staff photographer for the branding company, M Agency and her own client list just grows and grows.  Confidence begets more confidence.  It's never the clothes or the hair that increase our personal confidence rather it's how we feel with the changes that make all the difference.   Lisa feels amazing and it's motivating to just be around her.
TV coverage on Lisa 3 years ago after we first worked together
TV coverage on Lisa 3 years ago after we first worked together
Would you like to experience an Image Consultation/Makeover like Lisa?  
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VIP - Lisa Hepfer
Personal Stylists
Book of the Month
September Workshop!

Here's what clients are  saying. . .
Personal Stylists
gives you the feeling of having your own personal stylist. And, indeed you do!  Well, you have at least 1 of the 300 personal stylists employed by Stitch Fix.  The company was founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake.  She dreamed up the idea while attending Harvard Business School.   The concept works using your social media presence as a guide.  The more information and visual cues your stylist can draw from you through your Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook postings, the better it works. Of course, it works best when you are posting items of clothing you like that are also figure flattering.  Your stylist will be much more challenged if you post more photos of your dog rather than yourself and you "like" styles that won't work on you.   Free shipping both ways.  Returns must take place in 3 days.  Men and woman both are ideal clients for Stitch Fix.  I signed up for my first (and only) box....we'll see.  Excited ☺  

Self-esteem and self-confidence seem like they are similar, if not interchangeable. But, they are different.  Confidence is about whether or not you trust yourself to accomplish a task at hand and self-esteem is a measure of how much credit you are willing to give yourself for doing it.  As parents, we are striving to increase both in our children.  Confidence comes from actually doing the task -- like learning to ride the bike yourself.   Higher self-esteem... means you will be kinder to yourself on things you would like to do better next time.  It also means you will be more comfortable acknowledging a compliment and giving yourself credit for a job well done.  People usually find it easier to build their self-confidence than to build their self-esteem. Improving self-confidence comes from trying something new and working at it. To improve your self-esteem, be kind and generous in what you say to yourself every day.  This is a gift you give to yourself and others around you.  
Book of the Month Business Read - Custom Nation

Customization --  Making it "your way" is expected by many consumers.  It's not "one size fits all" for Chipotle, Zazzle, Nike, Shutterfly, Pandora and Dell, just to name a few.  Customization became feasible with high speed internet and our customer's desire to have what they really want instead of something mass produced that is close but not perfect.  CUSTOM NATION was written by two young entrepreneurs who are writing about what they know.   Their company, YouBar makes custom protein bars. 
Similarly, my coaching and consulting services are designed for each individual and only after I learn what the needs and goals are of my client.  The cookie cutter approach is not for the consumers of today.  Custom coaching = better results!


ADD A BELT.  In doing some closet cleaning with my client Marnie Green, we uncovered belts that had been purchased but never worn.  The red belt in this picture still had the protective paper over the metal buckle.  Just because a dress didn't come with a belt doesn't mean it couldn't use one.  Belts can add dimension and a pop of color.  Adding a wide belt will make whatever is underneath appear smaller - in this case, the waist. The "cool" black and white colors in this dress work well with the "cool" silver in the belt and the blue-red belt color. Marnie will want her shoes to coordinate with the dressy or casual look of her belt. I would choose solid black shoes to keep the attention on her face and top half of her body. 

Only 1 space left for this extraordinary 
and life changing workshop.  
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September 29 & 30, 2016
San Diego, California




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