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September VIP - Emmanuel Ngoh, DMD
Photo Facts
Whatever is closest to the lens will look the biggest.  As business professionals, I often suggest you have professional photographers come into your practice at least once a year, if not twice, to update your online presence. That object that takes up the most space in your photo will be the most noticeable and have the strongest impact. Your patient’s legs should not be the focal point. This is a beautiful office with two lovely subjects for the photo. It had all the elements it needed for a fantastic visual if the photographer had just changed the camera angle. Hire a professional photographer but check out the photos as they are being taken. Provide input when you know the desired outcome of the finished product and the photos being taken are not in alignment.   
Measure and Remeasure
In pursuit of getting my shoes organized (so that I could see them and maximize my closet space) I ordered different shoe racks with mixed results.  My second attempt at a three-tier shoe rack had the rack not fitting so I ordered a lower profile structure. This shoe rack (pictured) was advertised as being able to accommodate flat shoes underneath to make it a three-level storage rack. NOPE! The only shoes that fit underneath are those with no back on them. So, a sandal with no heel and no back was the only shoe that fit on this level. Out of all the shoes I own, only 3 pair fall in that category. The rest of my flat shoes had to be stored on the full shelves. The vendors, no doubt, had a different meaning of the word flat for marketing purposes.
Your Fonts Make a Huge Difference
The testimonial on the left was used on Instagram to market the satisfaction of a dental practice. The strong all capital letter font has a harsh effect. I took the same sentiment and changed the colors and the blocking. It is perfectly fine to change the grammar or spelling on your patient’s quote. We often get their permission before publishing and they are flattered and consent quickly to any changes. We quickly make a decision when we see something and if it’s hard to read, we often will not take time to check out the message or sentiments.
Speaking to First Year Dental Students
I recently had the honor of speaking for the sixth time to first year dental students at Midwestern University – College of Dental Medicine. We spoke about Optimal Impact and confidence. When it comes to projecting confidence, I stressed these 5 points:
  • Stand tall – your energy will be noticed so stand tall.
  • Take good care of yourself first – you can do more for others later.
  • Redefine relationships so you set yourself up for success in terms of your time.
  • Write down the night before how you plan to spend the next day.
  • Be honest, be thoughtful, be kind and follow through on your word.
It's true - I make a living talking but these days, I prefer to listen. I am crazy curious about others and aware that if I am not a good listener, I won’t know anything more at the end of the conversation than when we started. I believe you can truly tell how well you do at connecting by how much someone is willing to share with you. The first step in connection is being “present” - not thinking about anything else, not worrying about yesterday (which is history) and not projecting on tomorrow (which is an unknown). I continue to work on not interrupting - particularly when I think the other person is inaccurate or we are pressed for time. It’s an ongoing process to hone this skill but one I think we would all enjoy once we get better.
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Where's Janice?
3-5 - ADMC in San Francisco, CA
10-11 – Dental Consulting Client – Bakersfield, CA
12-13 – CAJPA Conference – Lake Tahoe, NV
18-21 – AAOMS Conference – Boston, MA
26-29 – AAWD Conference – Phoenix, AZ
17-20 – AAOSH Scientific Session – Nashville, TN
24-26 – Dentists Who Care – So. Padre Island, TX
5-6 – Image Client – San Diego, CA
7-9 – Carestream Global Oral Health Summit – Nashville, TN
12-13 – Dental Consulting Client – Sonora, CA
19-20 – Dental Consulting Client – Huntsville, AL
23 – Virtual Coaching Client
10-11 – Dental Consulting Client – Bakersfield, CA
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