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One on One
Image Consultation


This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to change your life in a sudden and powerful way.

Janice will show you how to look and feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the inside—maybe even better! You will have a one or two-day experience in gorgeous San Diego, California, completing everything to showcase the very best YOU.

After a pre-visit consultation where Janice studies and prepares for your visit, our team makes all the proper hair, make-up and eyebrow appointments and prepares to help you shop in stores that meet your personal budget and style. 

Janice begins with an evaluation of your current wardrobe so that we can use anything and everything to your advantage.  If you live locally, we start in your closet.  If you travel to San Diego, we’ll review your wardrobe through photos you send us.  Body shape and colors will be discussed in great detail.  We’ll make a list of what pieces are needed to add to your current wardrobe, including clothing, shoes and accessories.

When we shop, we will look for those missing pieces to complete your wardrobe or purchase new items to enhance your body shape and coloring.  We will take many pictures throughout our time together, and create an evaluation folder to help you with your shopping and wardrobe needs in the future.

“This is a life-changing event, and it’s one that I take very seriously.  Remember, personal presence is a gift you give yourself.”  —Janice

Penny Reed
CEO of Dentistry's Culture

Lois Banta
CEO, President and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc.

"While attending one of Janice's workshops, I realized that it had been years since I spent any time focusing on my image. During the workshop, Janice not only brought to light the importance of my professional image, but did so in a highly impactful and entertaining way. Following the workshop, I engaged with Janice for one-on-one image consultation. Her input and guidance far exceeded my expectations. Janice was honest and direct and pushed me to assess what was working and what was not. She provided specific guidance on my clothes ... what to keep, what to get rid of, what to focus on when buying new clothes. She helped lead me down the right path for a healthy appearance with recommendations to get better exercise, work with a nutritionist, and how to improve my hair, teeth, and other aspects of my professional appearance. With Janice's help, I have much more confidence in my image. Her professionalism, eye on the details, and follow through made her an absolute pleasure to work with."


Wealth Advisor


JoAn Majors
Professional Speaker and Author


Marnie Green
CEO Management Education Group, Inc.

Jennifer Schultz"Janice’s executive coaching has helped my online presence with video tips. I have a membership site for which I record videos and Janice’s feedback has taken my videos to the next level. Janice has also helped me understand what clothing and jewelry says about me. She has helped me dress for success and confidently identify clothing that would be an asset to my wardrobe. She has also helped me to get rid of the clothing that doesn’t complement me or portray the image that I’m looking for. I wish I would have done this years earlier!"

Jennifer Schultz, Owner
Virtual Dental

"On a professional note, I want to thank you. I know I still don't have the wardrobe thing down to a science, but I know I look WAAAY better than I did. It's amazing how differently people (clients, friends, strangers) treat me now. Being happy, losing weight, getting back in shape and dressing like I am a successful professional has been such a life changing combination. I never thought I would feel this way again (feel like I am in my mid-20's to early 30's most days). Thank you for believing in me, inspiring me and guiding me. I am forever a Janice fan!"


Virtual Coaching Client
Penny Reed
Penny Reed & Associates

"I came across Janice's website whilst at my apartment in the Middle East. I was unhappy with how I looked; but more importantly, I was unhappy with how I felt about myself.

After a Skype call with Janice. I felt very confident that I was making the right decision in getting some expert help in revitalizing my image. Janice has such a lovely manner - she tells you the truth but in such a kind and caring way. It's clear that she wants the absolute best results for her clients.

My 2 days with Janice was inspirational and has proved to be the best investment I have ever made in myself. I knew I was dealing with a highly experienced professional as we sat for the first time and discussed what was and wasn't working for me. We studied the styles and colours of clothing I had been defaulting to. Janice gave clear explanations as to why many of my clothes choices weren't working for me. It was an absolute revelation!

We spent time trying on new clothes. Janice picked out fantastic pieces for me that I just would never have looked at, let alone try. She helped me construct a new wardrobe - all the time guiding me as to how to accentuate my shape and importantly, how to stop making the mistakes I had been making all my life. I had been wearing larger, loose fitting clothes in the mistaken belief that I would look slimmer. Janice showed me how to drop several dress sizes through clever clothing choices. A major part of this was my foundation garments - new underwear took pounds off me in minutes ! Then came the hair, eyebrows and makeup. Janice had chosen a fantastic team of people and was with me all through the journey, providing guidance on my hair and makeup. I love my new hairstyle. It's completely updated my look without being too drastic a change. I now have a style I can wear straight or curly and it has made me look younger and more polished. My makeup has given me a whole new look. Like many women of my age, I had been applying my makeup the same way for over 15 years!

The time I spent with Janice was a real education - I wished someone had given me this kind of advice about how to maximize my appearance 25 years ago. I can honestly say that I feel like I have a new lease of life. I feel younger, slimmer and more attractive.

Janice is such an inspirational lady that during my time with her I found myself creating a new life plan in my head - all the things I am going to change in my life so that I can truly make the most of this new life ahead of me!"

Carol Berry
Commercial Director

"Janice is professional and respectful of your time. She’s focused, genuine and allowed me to get comfortable with the process of looking at myself the way others see me. Janice very clearly explains how and why first impressions matter in the personal and professional world and what you can do to make the most of your situation."


Scott Munger
Chief Operations Office