Janice's Business Programs

Her workshops and keynote programs have reached thousands with the understanding of how important their personal presence is to their success.


Janice Hurley, The Image Expert, is a speaker that meeting planners invite back time and time again.

When Janice is hired as a keynote speaker, her commitment is to deliver far more than you expected. Her motivational presentations on optimal perception are customized to fit the needs of your audience, and can be presented in a keynote address or workshop format.

Janice’s programs are filled with real world examples and solutions to the economic and leadership challenges your audiences are facing today. Using twenty five years of experience as a business consultant, she provides powerful insights into what is holding you back and what needs to be changed to move forward. Lost opportunities can be fixed. You just can’t fix them yourself without a new perspective on achieving optimal perception.



Janice's Clients
Are Talking...

Richard Riddle"I learned the underpinning of what and why the things I felt good in, worked. The rationale of being "self- actualized" rang true to me as I decided what I would do to go from a 7.5 to a 9.5. I got as much out of your course as I have about any technique courses. The most important one being, if I don't do positive things for myself then I have no one to blame but myself. I will never dress without care again."

Dr. Richard Riddle, II, DMD, F.A.G.D.
Southington, Connecticut

Jen Fernandez"We contracted Janice for two separate programs and have been incredibly pleased with her professional services. In the first instance, she assisted an exiting leader improve her executive presence and become re-employed sooner. In the second case, we asked Janice to speak to our all of our people managers about executive presence and image, about the importance of the impressions we make with others and just how vital self-introspection is for a strong leader. Janice received outstanding reviews from those in the audience for that session."

Jen Fernandez, MBA, SPHR
Vice-President, Human Resources

"Janice is an extraordinarily talented speaker who presents content that is both immediately impactful and keenly relevant for individuals seeking to grow professionally and enhance their image in today’s business environment. Her experience and insights into human nature and corporate culture, combined with her warm and polished presentation, have the ability to captivate and educate any professional audience."

Michael Day CIR, CSSR, PRC, CDR
Insight, Recruiting Team Lead

“Never in my 25 years as a speaker, have I witnessed anyone capture the audience in such a positive way as Janice . . . Janice truly transforms lives as well as careers by showing others how to overcome the obstacles that spell disaster. Janice’s message is a homerun for every meeting planner.”

Linda Miles, CEO
Miles and Associates

“Janice has a great program that addresses important aspects to being a true professional with relevance and humor. She makes her program specific to each group and her examples and information really hit home.”

Jim Haugen
Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo Financial Products

“In all of my business conferences, Janice is the most dynamic, memorable speaker I have ever heard.  With humor and grace, Janice teaches you how to stop sending the wrong messages and start sending the right messages about yourself. From using the correct body language to giving a perfect handshake, she corrects the common mistakes so many of us make in the business world.  We felt empowered when Janice was finished, and that's why she got a standing ovation.”

Missy Coleman
Director of Marketing, intraFUSION ™

“Janice is such a dynamic speaker, she can electrify an audience right after lunch. Her story and her image transformations are inspiring. It isn't only her eye for fashion, but the way she envisions people's greatness and teaches them how to make first impressions match who they really are.”

Gwyn Nichols, President and CEO
Writers' Resort


I was thrilled beyond expectation after my session with Janice. After spending time with her, I believed in myself again and was eager to start the process of finding my next amazing career where I can showcase my talents. After losing my job of 6.5 years, I lacked confidence and felt apprehensive about beginning the search to find my next career. Janice helped me understand how others experience me versus how I wanted to be perceived. She provided direct and honest feedback and helped me see how one small thing could come cross differently to another person, especially during an interview."

Anne Hart
Senior Manager, Corporate Recruiting

Janice brings enthusiasm, knowledge and fun to the table. She has an incredible natural talent to engage, entertain and educate the audience. People walk away, me included, with a renewed sense of self and professional image!"

Lois Banta
Banta Consulting Incorporated

Thanks Janice for your generosity, humbleness, professionalism, blunt honesty and ability to pin point areas where I need to improve. Your observation was outstanding and to-the-point. Your care was apparent and I learned so much from you. Thank you to Rita Zamora for introducing Janice to me. I look forward to implementing what I learned."

Ali Husayni,
CEO Millionarium