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Janice helped Kathryn perfect her image:

"I just can’t say enough wonderful things about how powerfully Janice has impacted my life and body image. I actually enjoy shopping now - to say nothing about absolutely "glowing” from the inside out. It’s one of the first times in a long while when my first thought at looking at myself in the mirror was, 'wow….I’m beautiful.' She is a creative genius in her ability to change a person from the inside out in two days…..incredible!"

Dr. Kathryn Wright

Janice helped Leo get the edge he needed:

“I recently spent time with Janice working on my Image – not just the visual (clothing or appearance) but my business presence – the verbal, the voice tone and body language.  I am stunned by the response I am getting from the adjustments I made after spending time with Janice.  I have been paying particular attention to my posture and voice tone and using as few words as possible to communicate.  This has given me virtually instant credibility.  As Janice predicted, this new confidence has spilled over into all aspects of my life.  I am adjusting to the new me and I believe as I get more comfortable with these changes, I will continue to improve.  I have a completely new point of view right now and I am so grateful to Janice!”

Leo Bachicha

Janice helped Christopher perfect his image:

“After several frustrating attempts with other “stylists” Janice was the clarity I needed.  I am extremely grateful I found her and made an appointment. Her strong point of view transformed my image and self-esteem about what was possible with clothing and I learned that my body was the right size, only my clothing was wrong.  Part intuition, part science – Janice taught me to bring my style sense to the next level and now it’s amazing how many people comment on how great I look.  More than this – I feel extremely confident in my own clothing and I noticed that I don’t worry about my clothing choices when packing for a trip or picking out my clothes for the office in the morning.  Now I can spend my shopping and dress time more efficiently.   With great respect for quality work - I LOVED my work time with Janice.  Thank you Janice!”

Christopher Montoya, Corporate Trainer / Public Speaker

Janice helped Rick regain his confidence and power through an image makeover:

"Janice provides an "ah-ha" experience as she points out important principles to enhance your image that you can't see about yourself. Her presentation style is professional as well as entertaining, and her program is designed to capture her audience's attention and to help them envision the possibilities...."

Rick Willeford, MBA, CPA/CFP