Consulting Services

A Full Suite of Dental Consulting Services

Janice Hurley brings decades of experience in dental consulting and dental practice management to help practices to strengthen and streamline their operations. Following an in-depth consultation that uncovers your concerns and untapped opportunities, Janice custom tailors a coaching program designed to support you in the following:

  • Brand message consistency
  • Attracting your ideal patient
  • The new patient experience
  • Treatment plan presentation
  • Treatment plan conversion and financial discussions
  • Empowering the team to scale your growth
  • Patient appointment flow
  • Leadership development
  • Team development and retention
  • Practice financial management


Depending on what each practice needs, services can be contracted independently or as part of a comprehensive approach. Doctors and teams alike have raved about Janice’s impact on their practice health and happiness. Are you ready to experience the impact Janice will bring to your personal and professional life?

Janice has coached me, my team, and some of my dental clients for years! She not only bonds with each person she meets, but she does so in such a way that team members learn to trust her and her advice. My team and I have gained significant self confidence through learning how to present our ideas to clients and colleagues in the most professional way–all while making sure our physical appearance shows the passion and energy we have on the inside. I would hire Janice again tomorrow and highly recommend her unique approach to coaching!

– M. Smith

Janice was absolutely amazing! She helped me tremendously on becoming a respected confident leader. She is very engaging and interactive. I am always eager to try out her tips after our meetings. Our office is very excited to continue working with her, she is a huge asset to us! I highly recommend Janice Hurley!!


– M. Mohammad


Janice always speaks from the heart. She recently gave a very poignant and thought provoking presentation about having confidence when approaching a difficult conversation – what a relevant topic! Janice gave several great tips and really inspired me to recognize my own strengths and potential for connection with others. I love hearing her speak and look forward to the next time I get to attend one of her presentations.

– A. Greer

The advice and guidance given by Janice has elevated my career. I’m blessed to have access to videos, seminars, a book and her coaching. Highly recommend!


– H. Foust


Reach your practice potential with streamlined systems and a personalized plan for change.