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Janice Literally Wrote the Book on Dental Image Branding

Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert

How to Create Optimal Patient Impact

Janice Hurley has released her new book – Dental Image Branding. Janice unlocks all the secrets to creating optimal impact in your practice and for your patients. Janice knows that successful people are not successful by accident. They have learned how to use their strengths to their advantage and minimize their weaknesses. You really can make a positive effective impact on your patients from start to finish by looking at your practice through the eyes of your consumer. The advice offered in Dental Image Branding is for the dentist, hygienist, office manager, and dental assistants. It takes a village to create an image and a consistent practice bran

Janice Hurley will show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes that drive away patients and how to optimize patient impact using the five senses: what patients see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

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I heard Janice Hurley lecture at a meeting in Boston, she is fabulous! She has great insight into the dentistry / oral surgery specialty and how it works. My staff and I had a lot of great ideas to help get the clinic in a more professional set up, motivate our team mates and how to improve ourselves. Definitely a speaker you do not want to miss seeing. Get your books now!

– S. Foster

Special Feature: The Progressive Dentist Magazine

Life through Different LENSES


A well dressed, happy team makes an excellent impression.

We make judgments very quickly about the value of what we purchase or the experience we are about to have. So do your patients. Understanding how your patients or prospective patients think is a good business practice and something you can’t afford to ignore. A good restaurant can’t ignore the plating of its fine food. Likewise, you can’t afford to ignore how your patients see or perceive the value of your dentistry based on the way you frame it or serve it up. Our perception truly is our reality.

Within less than a tenth of a second, your patients have decided how approachable, trustworthy and competent you are. Furthermore, their brains go on to justify your follow up actions to be in line with their first impression. Fascinating — our brains don’t like to be wrong. First impressions of your facility, your team and your treatment have a resounding effect on case acceptance. Yep–that worn out couch might be cramping your style AND affecting collections

Confidence: Your Well-Deserved Gift

Confidence is like the wind—hard to describe but you know when you’re in its presence. As a hygienist, your personal self-worth and confidence are highly valued unwritten assets to your résumé. Janice Hurley, BS, explains.

When I walked out to my car this morning, I heard the unmistakable whine of a 2-year-old. You know that sound. It’s not because they are injured or truly upset; they’re just not happy, and they are hoping that whining will fix whatever needs fixing. Whining has no restrictions by gender or time of day; it’s what an unhappy 2-year-old sounds like, and I recognized it immediately. As a mother of four grown children and 13 grandchildren, I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours with toddlers over the years, and the solution for both the parent and the child is always the same—distraction. Use distraction and they will move on to something else. I walked over to help the young mom with confidence, because I had the ultimate distractor. I had a beautiful, happy, tail-wagging puppy. Success in seconds ensued as I confidently knew it would.

I had not met this mom before, and yet I didn’t hesitate to gently approach and offer our services. I approached the mom with confidence because I knew I could help. Past experience—actually hundreds of similar scenarios—had given me the information needed to approach with confidence.

Confidence is like the wind—hard to describe but you know when you’re in its presence. We are drawn to confident people. Confident people are comfortable in occupying their own place while giving you room for yours. Confident people don’t need your flattery or approval. They are often individuals who speak less and listen more, and when they speak, people listen. They are very efficient with their time because others respond quickly to their requests, and they move forward on their own decisions with clarity.
As a hygienist, your personal self-worth and confidence are highly valued unwritten assets to your résumé. Patients respond better to your advice, you’re more likely to run on time because you don’t need to ask questions of your patients for reassurance, and you are less tired at the end of the day because you didn’t second-guess yourself. I think it’s safe to say we all see the value of self-confidence, and if we knew how, we’d give ourselves a heaping dose every day.

Fun Facts About Self-Confidence

A lot of your natural self-confidence is through your DNA. Experts don’t all agree, but estimates range from 25% to as high as 50%. You were born with it or without it, depending on your gene pool. Yep, just like the color of your eyes, your parent(s) or their parent(s) passed on this recognizable trait.
Your self-confidence is increased and supported through experience. Just as the hundreds—if not thousands—of hours of toddler time had given me confidence with unhappy toddlers, experience supports your own clarity to move forward on something you have been successful with previously.

Past attempts and eventual success at a skill build confidence. In hygiene school, you were given instruction, time to practice and fail, and then attempt again each skill you would need professionally. The mandatory requirements to practice and then practice again until you got it right built confidence. On our own, without separate supervision, we may choose to give up or stop trying before competence has been reached. In fact, due to a lack of self-confidence or a less-than-ample belief in ourselves, we may not try something new at all.

Confidence always comes from doing. Confident people keep the end destination in mind, and they imagine themselves doing well. Expecting to learn and hone one’s skills over time provides better results. Understanding that others you admire had to go through the same learning process will support your growth and competency.

The hygiene department today has changed greatly over the last 30 years since I first started as a dental consultant. The amount of patient education, product involvement, and the need for true patient empathy has grown vastly as we understand that patients’ overall health is contingent upon and often seen first in their mouths. And although we know how bizarre it is to think it’s “normal” to bleed when you floss, you’re still bridging that awareness daily with your patients. True personal confidence allows you to bring out your most present and awareness. “Present,” in that your mind is not in the past or future. “Aware,” in knowing what took place with this patient emotionally and physically on previous visits, and aware that their own self-worth is often tied to the health of their mouth. Being aware by reading the patient’s clinical history can help avoid surprises, and a calm confidence is palpable between the two of you. Confidence comes from doing and being prepared.

6 Ways to Increase Your Personal Self-Confidence

Try something totally new, and keep at it till you are satisfied with the results.
Hang out with other positive and confident people.
Take no time in wishing others were different.
Do hard things every day.
Be stingy with your time—set clear boundaries with others.
Love and remind yourself daily about things you do well.

We are drawn toward people who are happy with themselves and the world around them. Give yourself the gift of confidence by enjoying the process and the progress of learning a new skill. Mastering one new thing gives you confidence to then try something else.

The mandatory skills you learned in hygiene school were just the beginning of being your very best. You were challenged, you met the challenge, and that sense of accomplishment was a gift you gave yourself. The best friends of confidence are first deciding and then doing. If 50% is genetics, which means 50% is up to you. Confidence is a wonderful gift you give yourself and others daily.

I had the privilege to attend one of Janice’s one day seminars and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves both personally and professionally. Janice is very captivating and her attention to detail is second to none. Do yourself a favor and seek out one of the best experts the dental field has to offer!

– L. Powell