Consulting Testimonials

When Only the Best Dental Consultant Will Do

Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
We began working with Janice in early 2022. Our office had really grown and become very chaotic. Staff member stress had reached a breaking point. We had used other consultants readmore...
Dr. Will Middlecoff
Janice Hurley
Before working with Janice, I felt I was doing well communicating with patients and presenting treatment plans. Yet after hearing her present at The Pankey Institute, I knew I needed readmore...
Dr Serena Whitesell
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
Janice has been my practice management coach for over 20 years. There is no doubt in my mind that her wisdom and expertise play a huge role in my business readmore...
Thomas Frank, DDS
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
Janice is a coach par excellence. The secret to her effectiveness is her presence in your office and her personal interaction with you and your staff. I cannot overemphasize the readmore...
Kings Dental Group, Lemoore, CA
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
After years of using systems that kind of worked, I found myself loving dentistry but hating the management. Not knowing and understanding the proper way my office was supposed to readmore...
Artisan Dental, Sonora, CA

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