Executive Coaching Testimonial

Why the Top Female Executives Choose Janice as their Coach

Executive Coach Janice Hurley has empowered and inspired hundreds of women, giving them strategies to develop their very best authentic self. She will help you analyze your verbal skills and your body language to optimize a consistent confident message.

Her knowledge, sensitivity, and passion for helping professional women find their voice, explore their confidence, and activate their higher potential gives you a strategic partner on your career-life path. You are never “stuck”. There are steps you can take to move forward to claim your power and have a more joyful life.

Professional Perspective Brings Career Success

Understanding how others perceive you is critical to career success and difficult to do on your own without an outside professional perspective. Women often feel as though they are an imposter, and they undervalue themselves. Janice believes we train other people how to treat us. Changes can be made to get the results you want with virtual or in-person coaching.

Learn to incorporate the physical and emotional skills of a confident, capable woman. If you know you’re not reaching your potential or that others are not seeing you in the best light. Sign up to speak with Janice and explain your goals.

Executive Coaching – Women

Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
Who knew that over one conversation, I could learn so much about the art of communication? Janice Hurley challenged me with three valuable keys to effectively communicate with others. I readmore...
Leslie Morris, Consultant
Your Signature Look
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
I was thrilled beyond expectation after my session with Janice. After spending time with her, I believed in myself again and was eager to start the process of finding my readmore...
Anne Hart, Senior Manager
Corporate Recruiting
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
This review is long overdue! I attended a course a few summers ago when Janice spoke to a group of female leaders and taught us how to showcase the best readmore...
Dr. Shivi Gupta
Janice Hurley - Dentistry's Image Expert
We contracted Janice for two separate programs and have been incredibly pleased with her professional services. In the first instance, she assisted an exiting leader improve her executive presence and readmore...
Jen Fernandez, MBA, SPHR
Vice-President, Human Resources Insight

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