Dental Practice Consulting

An Experienced Dental Practice Consultant

It can be difficult to recognize when it’s time to hire a dental practice consultant. Often, things seem “okay” in the office, but maybe you’ve heard that nagging voice in your head that things could be better.

  • The team bickers a little too much
  • There’s an occasional negative review from an unhappy patient
  • The openings in the hygiene schedule are starting to concern you
  • Production feels slow, and it has been for a few months
  • Patients tell you “let me talk about it with my spouse” when you recommend treatment

These things may feel normal, but a healthy practice doesn’t see problems like these on a regular basis. This is where an experienced practice management consultant like Janice Hurley can help.

Pinpoint Your Obstacles

Janice will help you to pinpoint the obstacles in your office that have been impeding progress. Rather than employ a cookie cutter program, she will work with you to prioritize which issues will help you reach your goals faster and then work hands on to implement change. And, you can count on working with the same consultant who knows your practice inside and out, from start to finish.

If you’re tired of one-size-fits-all dental consulting, call Janice to learn about your options. Your team, your patients and even your family will be glad you did.

Janice has changed my dental career! She has taught me more about myself, my patients, and my practice than I can put into this short review. I was struggling with motivation and chaos; Janice paved a way for me to find what I enjoy and showed me how to do it successfully. I recommend Janice Hurley and her consulting expertise one hundred percent!

– K. Middlecoff

If you want first class, attention to detail and excellent follow-through, Janice is your expert. I am a General Dentist in Sonora and Janice has been my dental consultant for 20 years. With her help and system implementation I have been very successful in this beautiful world of Dentistry.

– J. Berger

Are you ready to improve both your practice and your bottom line? Learn how Janice can help.